Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am working on a project and have to print off about 120 or so photos. That can get a little pricey, and I hate waiting in line at the little photo machine. I decided to try uploading my pics to different companies and seeing what kind of deals I could score. Turns out CVS will give out 50 free prints and this other company called Winkflash gives out 50 free prints too. I uploaded 50 to CVS.com (it does take a really long time, but again, it takes forever at the store too) and will pick them up in a couple of days and 69 to Winkflash.com (only .09 cents a picture after the 50). I'll pay nothing at CVS and only $3.92 ($2.49 for shipping) at Winkflash. For 119 pictures. If I went to the store and got them for .19 each (one hour) that would cost me $22.


Like I needed another reason to go to CVS...


Banana said...

Good deal! I actually haven't printed pictures in almost a year. The only hard copies we have are the ones from the target portrait studio! another good idea, i'm going to post about that in my next entry.

Enjoyer of the Journey said...

I need to print Christmas pictures so this will work out smashingly for me! Thank you!! YOu just saved me about $15!!