Friday, November 21, 2008

I love Great Clips

I wish I could be one of those moms who could cut their kids' hair, but I'm not. I tried last year and it ended very, very badly. Let's just say Addison could probably get out the scissors and give herself a better cut than the disaster that I created. So we go to Great Clips and I pay about $10 for a little cut. Addison loves it! She loves sitting in the big chair, and she holds very, very still.

I had a doctor's appointment today! I'm just about 27 weeks along. Tomorrow I'll hit the 90 day mark where I can return anything I buy! I will admit that I did cave and buy a boy outfit. It was only $3.72 for a little jacket and pants outfit, but I am sure I jinxed myself and will have a girl. These are the names we like:


Devin isn't that crazy about Willow for this reason:

Yep, the movie. From 1988. I keep telling him it's not the dwarf's name, but that adorable little redheaded baby. I love the name, but this baby feels so much like a boy I don't know if we'll be able to use it! We'll see what happens....

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H.E.A. said...

Haha!! That's where I got my dog Kaiah's name :)

ANYWHO I also LOVE the name Ainsley so my vote is cast for that one!

Marie said...

No way! Love it...

Anonymous said...

I love all the names! But Gavin brings back memories...remember listening to creepy audiotapes of a certain person's boy-friend reading her love poems???? (Troll Dragon, was it?)

Ahh...that made me miss Betsy.

lgraves said...

i love all those names! i can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl.

Eric said...

Ainsley! Ainsley!

Only a Scientologist would name their child Willow.

Marie said...

Well I only know one scientologist couple and they named their kid Suri.

Marie said...

Oh, and Keri I do remember Gavin and his nerdy tapes. Seeing my adorable little kid will immediately wipe away all of those memories, and from that day forward you will only think of cuteness when you hear the name Gavin and not...her.