Monday, November 10, 2008

Reading Hour with Pooh and Piglet

Addison was reading Curious George to Piglet and when I said "aww...that's so nice!" and took a picture...

Celia started reading a book to Pooh, saying "Celia read book too...that so nice!" Guess she wanted to get in on the picture action too. It is nice to no longer have to chase your kid around with the camera. Addison loves having her picture taken, and apparently so does Celia!

Not sure what we'll do today on this cold, windy day. Our yard is in major need of TLC. Maybe the girls can help me pick up some leaves.

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H.E.A. said...

I hope you have fun with the leaves! It is cold so warm up with some hot cocoa...its perfect weather for it :)

Amanda said...

We've been spending our outdoor time picking up pecans. We've got a whole big basket full and they are still coming! The kiddo's think it's pretty exciting to scurry around for them. But watch out for those squirrels...they can be vicious.