Thursday, January 29, 2009

Someone hire this man!

This is what (some) retired Colonels do in their spare time when not job hunting. I just don't get it. I get teased for being a crazy cat lady, but do I set up obstacle courses for my cats in the backyard? No. Do I take my cats to get their picture taken on Santa's lap (Eric)? Nope. Totally unfair. I will say that having a camera on my phone has really come in handy.

Anyway, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday! Nothing is happening, which is good because I want to go to Manhattan this weekend to see friends. I haven't been back there since Kristin was pregnant with Jaiya. I've been taking Addison with me. This was our dialogue as we were leaving:

Addison: "Mommy going to sit on big girl potty at doctor?"
Me: "Yep."
Addison: "Mommy going to pee in cup at doctor?"
Me: "Yep."

We get there and they give me my cup (this could be the subject of another post). The bathroom is right in the waiting room, where everyone sitting in there is capable of hearing everything you (or your 2 year old) might say. Addison immediately opens up the little drawer in there and says "Here's a lid for your cup mom! You going to pee in it? I want to hold it!"

Only a few more weeks....

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days. With everything that is happening with poor baby Cora, it's sort of hard to blog about silly things, and even my various rants and complaints seem so petty when you compare them to what this poor little family is having to go through. A little perspective is never a bad thing. Joel and Jess, I promise to keep praying and I have complete faith that God can heal your baby! It was really amazing to see all of the prayers they are receiving all over the country because they have such amazing friends like you guys.


Amanda said...

Your dad is the sweetest!

Em said...

i absolutely agree about being able to write an entire post on peeing in a cup, which DOES get way more difficult as your belly grows. you simply get to the point where you can't SEE where the cup needs to catch it!! i remember telling mark i was glad james was born before that last prenatal appt for the very reason.

Leigh Ayn said...

I just read your friend's blog about little Cora. I'm already praying for her... I was crying reading the blog, she's so little and sweet.