Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's the little things...

For my birthday (Dec. 13) I got $75 in giftcards to....THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!

I held onto those precious jewels until last Friday when Devin and I decided to go for lunch. We figured we'd maybe get two meals out of them because it can get a little pricey. We were both being sort of cheap and got out of there for $30 the first time. Then SURPRISE! a giftcard for $10 came with our receipt if I filled out a survey. Last night after work we thought "ehh..why not?" and went back for dinner. It was sort of funny when the waiter asked if we'd ever been there before. I might actually need my name engraved in a chair there or something. We thought for sure we'd use up the rest. Nope. We still have enough for one more trip. Woo hoo! I love that place.

I was feeling a little sad today because Devin left for a business trip. He's only going to be gone until tomorrow night, but I still literally cried when he left for the airport. I'm blaming it on the hormones because that's just not right! Normally I'd spend the whole time hanging out with my parents, but they're out of town too. I decided I needed to go do something very productive, so Addison and I went to the car wash. I vacuumed the whole car and shampooed the carpets and then we drove through the wash. I know it's supposed to snow this week, but the bird poop on my car had turned brown for crying out loud. That's sad!

Then we went to CVS where they were out of everything good (of course), but I did manage to buy 2 packs of floss, an eyeliner pencil, eyebrow pencil, Tums, and two packs of gummi lifesavers for $6. I let Addison choose between the gummi lifesavers and some Cinderella sunglasses for being such a good helper at the carwash (ie: not running away). In my head I was thinking "COME ON ADDISON! MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE! CHOOSE THE SUNGLASSES!" She chose the lifesavers and it honestly made me feel sort of sad for her, but oh well. She still seems satisfied with her choice. I came this close to buying her those sunglasses anyway, but that would have defeated the whole point of choosing.

Anyway, not too much longer left in this pregnancy! 6 more weeks.... It's a good thing we're closing in on the end because, honestly, my shirts are getting shorter and shorter and I am almost to the point of wearing Devin's shirts. I haven't had too many issues except for this horrible culprit: heartburn. I should really consider buying stock in Tums. I got out all of my newborn stuff and am panicking slightly because baby #2 and Addison were born in opposite seasons and I don't have hardly anything for a boy, but I know deep down inside that God will provide all of our needs for this baby.

Anyway have a good week everyone!


Andrea said...

Oh make me smile! I can't wait to meet your #2!

Amanda said...

Hey! I just had an idea! If I have a girl and you have a boy, I will send you all of my baby boy stuff. I was just going to get rid of it anyway. I'd much rather give it to you. Deal? My parents are going to be here a couple weeks after baby #4 is born and I'll assign them the job! :) Gotta love parents!

H.E.A. said...

Oh Marie! No panicking :) You are right, God will provide. And I'm sure there are plenty of us out there that are just waiting for a good excuse to buy some of those adorable little boy outfits...heehee

Marie said...

Amanda: I will take you up on your offer. I don't turn down free stuff, especially if you are wanting to get rid of it anyway! If there is someone in your town who is not doing well financially and you would rather give it to them, I would understand that too.

Brandi: Ok now I feel bad. I really didn't want it to sound like I was dropping hints for people to buy me stuff. I really meant that I was trusting God to provide instead of hoarding clothes this whole pregnancy and spending lots of extra money at Baby Gap!

H.E.A. said...

Oh marie...for real, I have no excuses to buy adorable little boy stuff! I have a niece and a new baby girl cousin. So don't feel bad! In fact, you should only feel bad if you have a little girl because that would totally defeat the purpose of my buying adorable little boy stuff anyway ;)

And I should confess (and this is terrible) but I have baby fever. Insane I know but I do. So don't kill my chances of living vicariously through you for the next couple of years!