Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Later Devin was getting ready to read a book with Addison before bed. I thought I'd join in for some nice little family time. When I asked Addison if I could read too she said "No I want Daddy to read to me!"

Instead of being hurt I decided to enjoy my little break and start watching The Bachelor.

Today is Celia's first day back since before Christmas. I have really missed her and so has Addison! In fact, Addison was waiting by the window for Celia to get here this morning. I gave her a little warning that she'd have to share her new stuff with Celia and when Celia arrived Addison said "Celia come see my new toys!" She only comes over three days a week now, but they sure do have a good time together.


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Now, Marie, I think you were really wanting to show off Devin more than Addison in that video! :) Go ahead, deny it!