Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fear not

I'm still here, my blogging friends and stalkers. My computer is still not in working order (I wish I could just buy a new one, but somehow I just don't think Dave Ramsey would approve) but I'm at my parents' house, trying to download this program my computer genius friend recommended to try to salvage my photos before I wipe out everything and start from scratch. I'm thankful that I had my xanga ( for so long because many pictures were saved there (and on good 'ol facebook) but I would still be pretty sad if I couldn't get them off my computer. Keeping my fingers crossed....

So I just can't figure out what to name my kid. Devin has suggested Joel, but that won't work because I have a pseudo-ex boyfriend named Joel and that just seems weird. I don't want to visualize this person whenever I think of my kid. Creepy! That's a bummer too, because Joel's a cute name for a boy. I thought it would be sort of cute and symbolic to name my son Dawson because it's such a cute name and not that over used, but Devin won't even consider it (even though I told him no one watches Dawson's Creek anymore so no one would even know the REAL meaning, except for people who know me too well). I also think Jack is a very cute name (LOST). Unfortunately many of my favorite names are ones that the Rues and Lathrops have stolen for their PETS. Girls are just as difficult. One of my friends has a baby named Edyn and I think that's so cute, but is it bad taste to literally steal a name? That's what I'd be doing. I don't see this person more than a few times a month, but seems slightly messed up. Ainsley has been another favorite for a long time (West Wing). ARGH... I need some help. Give me some ideas.


Leigh Ayn said...

I know a cute little girl named Eden, it wouldn't be stealing if you used a different spelling!

Here are some of my favorite names that either don't work with our last name/letter M or Dan just vetoed.



I can't think of anymore.

Here are some of Dan's favorites that I vetoed. Feel free to use them, we can tell him it was his idea.
-Brittany (and all alternative spellings)
-Madison (Madison Mattox, haha.)

Eric said...

Ainsley is so darn cute Marie - and it keeps up your whole TV theme.

What about Pacey? :)

Edi said...

For boys I've always loved Micah (before I met Micah Rue...loved it since 5th grade) and Seth also our number one choice for a boy before we had Haley was Dillon. We liked the name Autumn for a girl as well as Abi Marie (that spelling). Good Luck!

Marie said...

Wow thanks guys! Keep 'em coming!