Thursday, September 25, 2008

I found out...

that I couldn't have found out the sex of the baby anyway. The unbilical cord was serving as a thong of sorts and was hiding any sex organs that I might try to cheat and see. You might remember that I was trying to be surprised with this baby, but I was worried that my lack of self-control (the same one that caused me to eat all of Celia's potty training chocolate chips a few weeks ago) would make me cheat at this sonogram. Nope! I'm happy because I think I would have been excited to know today, but it won't be as exciting as finding out later.

Devin, Addison, Aunt Shel, Mariah and Celia all accompanied me to the sonogram today. When they showed the baby facing us, I said "whoa! It looks like a monster!" Addison exclaimed "I HAVE A COOKIE MONSTER IN MY TUMMY TOO!"

Anyway, that pretty much made my day.

I'm glad Micah's doing better. He was riding his road bike and was hit from behind by a car. Keri called me and I only listened to the part of the message where she said "hit by car" and "trauma unit" and I flipped out. I called her bawling my eyes out and she reassured me that he'd be ok. Phew... Pregnant, hormonal women should listen to entire messages, not just the bad parts. Anyway Micah has been my friend for 12 years. I am so thankful he's ok. I wish I could be there to help Keri with Skylar so she could play sexy nursemaid. Keri, I'd lend you my sexy waitress outfit, but..oh wait...I don't own one. :)

I hope you all looked at Amanda's hilarious Bradley post. My favorite part was easily the raisin game. You have extremely creative children! Addison might be more creative if I didn't dumb her down with so much Winnie the Pooh and Backyardigans.

Love you guys..


Leah said...

Good for you Marie! :) Haha...I SO could not wait...what arranged and forced willpower you have... :)