Thursday, September 11, 2008

They're still funny....

Addison and Celia have been squabbling all morning over this stupid Thomas & Friends book that has puzzle pieces. Lots of tears and drama were involved. Just now I heard Addison say "Celia, I love you! I love you Celia!" and now they are happily playing together in her room. When I went in there to see what they were doing (I'm always a little suspicious if they're playing too well) this is what I saw:

Lately I have been really struggling with the girls and the endless squabbling and other typical toddler stuff. I have been so very tired (because I am so very pregnant) and just feel like I'm existing, trying to get through the day instead of enjoying time with the girls and my life as their mom/nanny. It's nice when God provides me with a little comic relief (like today).

Tomorrow Addison and I are headed to (drumroll please) Pocohontas, Arkansas to visit my Grandpa and his wonderful wife, Alta. I'm excited about seeing them but not excited about the drive or the location (my aunt was recently feasted upon by chiggers when she went). I'm especially not excited about packing! I HATE PACKING! Obama's magic wand (or Pixie Dust) would really come in handy.... (how long before that gets old? tee hee...)

Oh yeah! You've probably noticed that we got Addison a bigger bed. It was only $100 at a garage sale and she likes it a lot.


Leigh Ayn said...

That's a perfect bed!

I'm sure Obama would pack your suitcase and fly you to pocahontas on the back of a glow in the dark Pegasus if vote for him. I mean, if he can stop the glaciers from melting, facilitate world peace and slap a nice, big juicy steak on every table that should be no problem, really. It's all in the bag!!

Alisha said...

If you happen to drive through Fayetteville, AR (even though I doubt you'll go this way) and need a break, please stop by!!!

Amanda said...

Hey! I know EXACTLY how you feel about just existing. I feel the same way right now. By the afternoon I'm so tired that I flop on the couch and try to muster up something for dinner. Poor kiddo's. Lilly ran around all afternoon yesterday saying, "I'm bored. What can I do??" Sigh... Oh, and the new bed is really nice! Way to go grandma! Oh, and here's an idea I use to keep my kids from fighting. They have about 1/2 and hour to an hour of alone time a day. It's actually really good for them. They each get to pick out some toys and books and then for a certain amount of time they play by themselves. Then when they come back together they appreciate each other more. Just an idea!

Anonymous said...

That's really cute! I'm glad Addison and Celia have each other.

Anonymous said...

Hello old friend! I see all is well!

You always have to be aware of why things are so silent when two children are playing together. The last time my grandma heard silence when my brother and I were young, she came upstairs to find me shooting plastic darts (yeah I said it) at a bullseye I created out of lipstick on the top of his head.

Now that's love. :)