Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is a followup to that survey I posted about politics. Nah I don't think I'll be giving Obama and second look as the survey says to do. I'm voting for McCain/Palin in November.

Here's where I stand on some of "the issues:"

Disclaimer: I never went to US Politics class at K-State and also never studied, so I got a D. Well now I wish I could go back and redo it! Oh well... Anyway, I'm no expert, just a concerned American.

Taxes: cut taxes, cut spending, do not raise taxes for small businesses. I actually liked Huckabee's fair tax approach. It rocked. I would love to see that happen in our country someday.

Healthcare: We've got to do something. People with pre-existing health conditions are getting royally screwed. We pay $400 a month in premiums for Addison and me, but that's paltry compared to the $2000 that my friend's parents pay in premiums only because she has a heart problem. I don't know what the answer is, but I do not agree with a National, single-payer healthcare plan. I grew up in the military and I remember how much Tricare sucks. Yeah, it's great that it's free but you see people at the doctor's office for every sniffle and cough (BECAUSE IT'S FREE!) and can't get an appointment. I tried to make an appointment for my "yearly" and the receptionist said "Sorry. No appointments. Call back in a month." My mom had to get on the phone and yell and scream (and pull rank) to get me an appointment off post. Then there's the whole hoop jumping thing to see a specialist, and the crossing fingers/saying prayers when the bill comes to make sure everything's covered. If not, there's more yelling. I don't have a lot of faith in government run systems, but I dont' know what the answer is.

Abortion: Pro-life. I appreciate that McCain has always been pro-life and his running mate proved her pro-life stance by giving birth to a baby that 90% of women have chosen not to.

The War: We shouldn't have gone to Iraq in the first place, but I think we have to stay and finish the job. My dad was in Afghanistan for a year. I know it sucks for the soldiers and their families, but my dad wanted to go and I know a lot of soldiers feel the same way.

The Economy in general: I don't think the government is going to save us all. Whoever is going to be president is not going to solve all our problems. In his speech, Obama was saying how sorry he felt for the people who "were driving cars they can't afford" and "living in houses they can't afford." Good thing we have Obama who will wave his magic wand and solve all our problems so that we can continue to make stupid choices.

Just thought I'd throw my ideas out there. Feel free to hammer me with lots of comments. I really don't mind. In fact, I'd love your imput. There are a lot of people out there who are much smarter than me (my brother), but I just thought it might be good to explain how I feel about stuff.


Leigh Ayn said...

Obama is a lying liar with a big bag full of pixie dust. Only the bag isn't full of pixie dust, it's just regular dust that he talks up and is like "PIXIE DUST FOR AMERICA!" and America is like "omg!! just what we need!!!!! PIXIE DUST!" and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one going "Wait, did that lying liar just promise us pixie dust...?"

niKnox said...
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niKnox said...

I was just talking to KV last night about how hard it can be to talk about politics in a way that is not negative or offensive in any way. As a person who is passionate - my passion is often interpreted as anger... so I am hesitant to engage the conversation just yet. I really admire those that can discuss it, as you tend to do, as you would discuss other important topics. I wish I could teach myself this skill - or maybe it just a matter of maturity?? But if so, then I feel a little discouraged b/c I am in the later part of my twenties - when will I be "mature"? But I am working on it, sometimes desperately needing the grace of my friends... which I so appreciate. Thank you for sharing your thoughts without being negative - I REALLY appreciate and respect that!

Marie said...

Oh Nikki it's all good! Just say what you want to say! I don't mind! In fact, now I'm hooked on what you have to say! That's the thing about politics & faith: they're close to our hearts, so it's hard not to get "on fire" about it. Don't worry. I love talking about it and hearing other views. You won't offend me. I really don't get that offended very easily. And even if I do, I get over things fast.

niKnox said...

I believe you... but today I am feeling really humbled - like "what do I know anyways?"... so on another day when I'm feeling more feisty, I'll let you know :)

I am glad you posted about your experience with the military healthcare... I am curious, what do you think is a good solution to help people get the medical treatment they need? I am new to the discussion of healthcare and want to know some more opinions :)

Unknown said...

the bottom line is that obama is a great candidate for anyone who wants to spend their days sucking off the nipple of america. his plan is to create a nice full (government) breast that americans can suckle to their hearts content. mccain, on the other hand, is going to help wean people off the breast (and more importantly, not let new people start sucking).