Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ok before we had kids I loved the rain. It meant a little laziness was in order. That isn't working so much for me today! I need to get outside to the park to let these little monsters (cute monsters) run free!

Maybe we'll just go to the mall....

Anyway, do any of you watch the Biggest Loser? I am hooked on this show, but I'm awfully suspicious of it too. Last night I was wondering if they were making up the weight loss numbers (8 pounds in one week? Seriously?) and pretending to lose more. Like, you know, acting! "OH WOW! 8 POUNDS!" when really they lost 1 or 2. I know they really are losing that weight, but it just seems so unbelievable. Plus where does all the skin go? Shouldn't they have lots of extra skin hanging off at the end? Does it tighten up because they're working out and lifting weights as well as dieting? Amanda, I saw that you had a FuzziBunz expert check out your blog. Well I need a Biggest Loser expert to answer these questions!
Where were the product placements last night? No Jenni-O turkey product placement, or Ziplock steam bag "OH WOW WHAT AN EASY WAY TO MAKE DINNER", or even a 100 calorie pack comment like "THESE ARE SO FILLING AND SO DELICIOUS"...yeah right...I could eat 5 of those and still not feel full. I really do love the show. It's always fun to see how amazing they look at the end and how much happier, healthier everyone is.

Speaking of dieting, can I confess right here, right now that the other day I ate almost a whole bag of Candy Corn? Is that gross or what? I was watching tv and not really paying attention, just shoveling it in and next thing you know there were only a few measly pieces left. It wasn't one of those huge bags, but I still wouldn't recommend this idea to any of you. It makes your stomach really upset! And yeah, it was the free candy I got at CVS, so I guess at least I did my binging for free. still makes me gag just thinking about it.

One more thing for this post: Addison has started saying "Oh my gosh!" Heh.


H.E.A. said...

4 things -

1) In all of my studying and training and rehab I have never come across anything that says to lose more than 2 to 3 pounds a week. Even for heavier people. So I'm not sure they aren't just trying to beef up the ratings. It also worries me because people might watch that and think that losing 8 pounds a week is normal and will try to do that. I've been there and done that and its not pretty! So not sure I like the trainers on that show encouraging it. BUT in defense I like watching them reach their goals and get healthy! :)

2 - Candy corn = gross :) But props to you for being the only person I've ever met that can eat more than a handful! Hope your tummy feels better.

3 - Addison = ADORABLE :) Makenna has started saying "have mercy!"

4 - Thanks for the encouragement. I was having a mini anxiety attack! :)