Thursday, October 16, 2008

If I blog it, it will happen

That's the way it works right?

Have you guys taken those meyers briggs personality tests? Well if you have, you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you should. It's fascinating!

Well my letters are ENFP (but pretty close to ESFP) Let's focus on the P:

There are two types of people in this world: J's and P's. J stands for judging. These people like order and organization and planning. They also like working to a schedule. J's are also better at making decisions. The J may feel a sense of urgency about making decisions, but once the decision is made, they generally feel better. Want a good example of a J? Check out Edi's blog! I love you Edi!

Then there are the P's like yours truly. We're pretty much the opposite of all that. We like to have our "options open" and generally dislike deadlines or schedules. Most P's also hate making decisions and tend to struggle with a decision even after it's made.

The problem is it's really hard to be a mom when you're a P. I guess in some ways it's good because I'm generally a pretty flexible person. I love to do things with friends during the day, even if it interferes with naptime, but my distaste for all things scheduled also makes it hard because I think I tend to waste a lot of time during the day. Plus Addison and Celia both do a lot better with some routines during the day. So I need to make a change to some of my nasty habits as of late:

-Staying up till 1:30 am and then sleeping in till 8, just before Kyle (Celia's dad) knocks on the door and answering the door like a zombie
-trying to do my quiet time with Barney/Backyardigans in the background. Putting off planning meals (because even though it works, I still hate doing it), waiting too long to go to the gym, the store, etc because I'd rather sit on the couch and drink coffee and hope the things will get done on their own.

Here's my new plan (and I have to stick to it because it's really not that hard). I'm putting it on the blog because that way I have some accountability.

Go to bed at a decent time (10:30 would be the best)
Wake up before 7 am. so I can drink my coffee, eat something and do my bible study without screaming and interruptions. I should also get dressed so that Kyle no longer has to see me in my pj's (Gym clothes are slightly better) when he drops Celia off around 8.
Feed Addison breakfast when Celia comes.
Immediately take girls over to the gym (if it's a gym day)
Use the rest of the morning to work on laundry, errands, hanging out with friends, feeding girls lunch, etc. I also won't be such a zombie because I've had a little more sleep.

Again, some of you might not think that this is that regimented. Well it is to me. I hate having time constraints. I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. The problem is that's really selfish thinking because it's not all about me anymore.

Thanks for letting me post this really boring entry! Tomorrow is a new day....


Anonymous said...

I feel you girl! I can't make plans more than two days in advance, it's just not the way I work. Having kids definately takes away some the spontaneity though. I don't remember what my letters were on that test, I'll have to take it again.

Leigh Ayn said...

Yeah, I'm a P! As Dave Ramsey would say... I'm a free spirit.

H.E.A. said...

You can do it! Good luck! It can be really hard regimenting yourself to do something that requires sacrificing your open schedule. Keep up the motivation and let me know if you need a buddy :)

Amanda said...

I've been feeling the same way lately. I usually wake up with the children banging on the door telling me they are hungry. I'd LOVE to get up early and have to get dressed, have quiet time, and so on. But for me, it looks like that would have to be 6:00am.I was actually thinking about blogging about the same thing. Ha! Hey! I'll pray for you if you pray for me!