Monday, October 27, 2008

Jill's Amazing-ness

Check out this wonderful piece of writing my friend Jill did for her friend's wedding: WOW! I stole this straight from her blog. I just thought it was so beautiful that my friends and family needed to see it as much as her readers.

two good friends were married this weekend and asked me to write/read something for their big day. i was more than excited at the opportunity but more than nervous because they didn’t want to hear it until the actual actual cermony. yikes! (see text below)

all went more than well and it was one of the most memorable celebrations of life and love. congratulations, ryan and kelly. much love to you both.

My love for you is not enough;
It is not perfect, it fails you and it hurts you.
Sometimes it gets angry and does things it shouldn’t.
It curses and cries; it questions and it fights.
My love has limits and conditions.
It sees more imperfections than beauty, it tells more lies than truths.
My love is selfish and self serving; it is impatient and sometimes unkind.
My love for you is not enough to sustain the vow I’m here to make.

So today, I choose not only to love you with my love,
Today, I also choose His.

I choose to love you with a love from Christ that is pure and perfect; a love which gives without conditions and surrenders without expectations.
I choose to love you with His sustaining love when the emotions of today have passed and the harsh reality of our imperfections has returned.
I choose to love you with His sacrificial love by putting your needs ahead of my own, your desires before mine, and your dreams above my dreams.
In selflessness and submission, through the known and uncertain, I choose to love you with the unfailing love of our Father.
I make this choice not once or even twice. But as He continues to pursue me, I choose to pursue you in love each day and each hour and each moment for the rest of our lives.

As Christ laid down His life in love for us, I choose to lay down my life in love for you.
On my own, I will fail; my love for you is not enough.
So today, I choose not only to love you with my love,
Today, I also choose His


H.E.A. said...

Wow. That is amazing!

Amanda said...

Yah! I read that on her blog too! Had I known all of my friends many talents back when I got married (i.e. Jill's photography and poeticness, Heather's wedding planning skills, Nikki's graphic design amazing-ness) my wedding would have gone a lot smoother. We have some awesome friends with some amazing talents!

Anonymous said...

That is really beautiful and true. Thanks for sharing.

Katie Eck

jill m said...

@marie - i'm glad you enjoyed the words... funny the single girl was asked to write about marriage! :)