Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grocery Jealousy

Why do women constantly play the comparison game? You'd think we'd be there, routing each other on like scripture says to do, but no...we compare and get jealous when other people do better. At least I realized this last night while watching The Coupon Mom show Oprah how to bargain shop at the grocery store. I realized I have a pretty bitter, nasty attitude sometimes (a lot). Here I am watching this amazing woman who has put herself out there to help other people get great deals and getting super jealous at how well she does at the grocery store. I started getting jealous of the coupons she had ("how come I don't have a coupon for Orowheat bread or carrots?") and how she had a Kroger to go to (I really do miss Dillons tremendously) and I felt intense jealousy when I saw how her grocery bill went down so much at the checkout because I do pretty well at the store, but never that great. It's so interesting how the sin in our lives just transfers itself. A couple of years ago, I'd be jealous of my friends' new plasma TVs or brand new house, but now I could care less about that stuff. Instead of the bad feelings going away like they should, they transferred to jealousy over other people who are better at bargaining than me, or who spend less on groceries than I do. Why? It makes me feel like a failure. It's so silly because we all live different lives and have to make different choices. My aunt told me awhile back that there's always gonna be some Dave Ramsey-ite more intense than me and to just do the best I can. Well it's true. I heard a guy call in once who bragged that he didn't have any lights on in his house so he could save money. Dave Ramsey told him he was stupid. I wouldn't be blogging about it, but I bet all of you feel the same way sometimes (especially since most of us are into the whole couponing thing). The only way to get rid of the jealousy (even for someone I've NEVER EVEN MET) is to let God have access to all your crap; the crap that is buried deep down inside and rears its ugly head from time to time. Ok that was a really gross analogy, but you get my point... You have to be honest that those feelings do exist and that they're wrong. And then you have to give it all over to God and let him work in you. It's a process...

Anyway, my fellow amazing CVSers and grocery geniuses, keep bragging about your awesome deals. Don't be ashamed at how well you are taking care of your families. I promise to be happy for you and encourage you, even if there are weeks where you're way better at it than me. :)


Carmen said...

Interesting...I've been thinking alot about all the "dealing" people blog about. I've never found couponing to be worth my time (and I hate feeling pressure to buy something I normally wouldn't just because I can get a good deal).

Anyway, I've revisited coupons lately because I keep seeing everyone else getting good deals. However, after a week of scouring for discounts...I don't know if I'll keep it up.

So, I'll encourage YOU in whatever deals you find. While you're playing the comparison game, know that you're getting better deals than me! :)

Edi said...

You what I recently started doing? I made a running spreadsheet of all the money I save at the grocery store each week. I input the discount I'm give at the register, because Safeway always tells me how much I saved, and I log that into the spreadsheet which will give me a running total of all the savings!!! Its super encoruaging and its just a great way to show the progress I'm making as well. And I'm not the greatest grocery shopper either. We spend more than I wish we could at the grocery store and I still feel like I don't buy as healthy or as bargainy as I wish we could. So just do your best, and yes even pregnancy best counts, like your aunts says that's what really matters. :)

Anonymous said...

i love and appreciate your honesty, marie! i also watched the same oprah show. i've felt guilty about keeping things plugged in around the house ever since. i even unplugged my hair dryer (it's as far as i got) to save money. i was super impressed by the florida family with all the savings in the bank (and felt jealous of them, too). and the grocery/coupon would be different if we had a kroger. :)

you're right, though...we just have to surrender it to God and do our best to take care of our families.


Leigh Ayn said...

I know, I know... the Target people have to ask! Actually, if they don't ask, they have to give me a 2 liter of soda. The Victoria's secret angel card people are the worst. I don't want to save $10.00 on your bras, I like the bras at sam's club just fine. I'm just here for the free underwear!