Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love to laugh.....HA HA HA!

(Mary Poppins)

but sometimes my sense of humor gets me into trouble. It's been this way since I was in jr. high. Even to this day, I can take it a touch too far. People who don't know me that well think I'm a weirdo or just completely inappropriate. It even messes up my witness as a Christian.

Like how at Spring Canyon (when I was 15) I got in trouble for my "I Never" statements, and I felt so terrible about it, telling my supervisor "I don't want people to think I'm nasty!!!!"

Or the time at 17 how my friend and I made up a fairy tale that involved trolls and dragons and one particular staffer that we didn't care for. It got in the wrong hands. Oops again.

Perhaps 25/30 facebook status updates? Oops.

Or my snarky comment about my co-worker at Baby Gap. I felt so bad about that one that I had to go back and tell him what I had said and ask if he'd forgive me. That was tough.

There are so many other instances. I'm 28 and sometimes I still do and say stuff that I wish I hadn't. I wish I had remembered the filter. I call it "foot in mouth" disease.

Gossip is right up there with that stuff. There is something about having a nice piece of juicy gossip--you just can't wait to tell it to someone. I am not sure if it is because you want to fit in or again, make people laugh. The thing is, once it's out...you feel disgusting. You feel like a failure. You lose people's trust. It's really pretty awful. I am making a pledge to give that up forever. I know I will fail at this more times than not, but I was thinking how amazing it would be to never gossip again. To never say "have you heard about so and so?" What if you had that legacy? And you all know me well enough to know I don't think I'm better than anyone else. It's hard for us all. The thing is, I've seen what gossip can do to people when it gets bad. It destroys relationships. It's terrible.

Let's just be real for a quick sec: I'm not talking about celebrity gossip!! Like Jake and Vienna: will they get back together? and should the Duggars really have another baby?! That doesn't count!!

Anyway I'm still learning, and I'm trying to be honest about where the line is. Sometimes it's hard to find the balance between "real" and inappropriate. It's so wonderful to have a great laugh (a belly laugh) but not at someone else's expense. You know?

Like I said. I'm still learning. No this is not about that triathlon shirt comment on facebook. That shirt was hysterical. I want one, but my dad thinks it was only funny because the lady wearing it was well in her 50s and quite heavy. Then again Devin would be mortified. Or would he be proud?! See, here I go again....I CAN'T STOP!

This is actually referring to my wine picture on my facebook page. We are supposed to submit pictures for our first Mops meeting. I stumbled across that one of me drinking a glass of wine at Cheesecake Factory and thought about sending it to the girl collecting them to see what she'd say. Thinking she might not get the joke I instead posted it for all of my 700 friends to see......

That would be fine and good except for now I have a leadership position at MOPS and have 95 new friends. Some of them might not get that I only had one glass and not 6. :::sigh::::

Live and learn. And keep on laughing, but maybe I should try to take it down a notch.

Thanks for listening.


Angela said...

Oh Marie, if only everyone grappled with themselves as honestly as you do! I love you!

lgraves said...

I think in your next post you should talk about your amazing gift of mercy. how rare it is. and, how much it makes those around you feel cherished.
I love you silly or stoic.

B In Real LIfe said...

i totally "get" your sense of humor and googled the triathlon shirt so I could get one for myself :)

One time I put on my facebook status "I'm totally sleeping with my youth pastor"...not smart...but so freakin' funny I still laugh out loud!

Also, I think a good sense of humor is a gift from God that is refreshing and encouraging...hmmm...I shall blog about that.

love you!

Bad Mommy Rehab next week perhaps?

Brown Apples said...

I totally get it- infact- I have faulted at not laughing enough... so today.. in the midst of great chaos and "really crappy situations" I laughed. I even gave Satan the finger. And laughed while I did it. So, I guess you live and learn, and you laugh while you do! I love you- everything about you!

Emily said...

I love your sense of humor, Marie! People appreciate a certain level of vulnerability, you know?! But yes, having perfect strangers be able to click on a page and find out allllll about you is a scary idea.... to me anyway! Normally, there's a timing to the full release of personality and weirdness! Therefore, I am somewhat guarded on FB. I have the opposite of the stick your foot in your mouth disease. So that annoys ME that I have to read things 20 times and overanalyze! We all have our quirks!! Just relax and be yourself and keep your tender heart! :)


Brenda Blake said...

You know why I'm SO quiet? I can't keep my foot out of my mouth! Half the time that I'm being quiet, it's because I'm mentally debating with myself wether what I want to say is appropriate. Someday I'm just going to let the chips fall where they may and pray God also protects my from flying tomotoes. I love you, you are awesome and you always keep me laughing! LOVE YOU AND YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!

Michele said...

I thought it would be funny to get you the triathalon shirt as a maternity shirt. I googled it, and googled it and googled it and could't find one. Tooooo bad! THAT would have been funny!