Saturday, August 7, 2010



Hello, My name is Marie, and I am a Mommy Guilt-a-holic.....
But not anymore!

Here are some of the reasons why I think I am a pretty dang good mom:

-My heart swelled with pride when Devin showed me a "camera" Addison made out of duplo legos, complete with a "flash" and viewfinder.
-I may not use organic this or that, but I can make some pretty rad designs out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and carrot sticks.
-I discovered my kids will eat blueberries like candy (and beg for them) if they are frozen.
-I let Addison crack the eggs even though I grimace seeing the bits of egg shells in the muffin and cookie batter
-I let my 18 month old fingerpaint even though it was the messiest disaster you've ever seen (see post below)
-I let Ainsley fall asleep in my lap last night instead of screaming in her bed. She is getting some molars and I can tell she's in a lot of pain. I had a lot of work to do on the computer for MOPS, but she needed me.
-Addison asks "Is this on sale?" instead of "Can I have this?" when she wants something from the store because she knows I'll say "No, it's not on sale" I guess this is more of a "good frugal mom, but it makes me laugh"
-Ainsley yells out "AMEN!" multiple times when we're praying because she's heard us say it.
-Both the girls will know how much God loves them.
-I have swirled many a poopy panty in the toilet and washed them (WITH BLEACH) instead of throwing them away because it's usually Addison's favorite pairs that get pooped in, and I try my best to salvage them.
-I let Addison wear a black, long sleeved, VELVET dress w/ mismatched socks and brown shoes in 98 degree heat because that was what she wanted to wear. Thank goodness we were only going to the goodwill store, and she played nicely with a little boy who wasn't wearing any shoes.
-We spend a lot of time with friends. I am hoping I'm teaching my girls the value of a good friendship, and that sometimes it's ok to let all the housework slide to develop a relationship.
-I love making up songs and singing them. Once we made up a song about being late for church. Another time we made up a song about how much Ainsley likes to eat bananas. Addison thinks my songs are the greatest thing ever, and Ainsley likes to dance to them.

Good idea Brooke. Moms need to do this kind of stuff more often!


B In Real LIfe said...

great post! I love that you let Addison crack the eggs and wear her velvet dress! And letting Ainsley fall asleep in your lap...GO YOU!

Thanks for participating! Head on over to my blog to link up.

amybodde said...

Hi Marie, I really love this blog post. You are such a good mom!!! I feel inspired. Love you and miss you!


Rachel said...

I love the velvet dress too ~ yeah for you. My boys dress themselves in the craziest things sometimes. It's just not worth the fight, is it?!?! =)

Here's to guilt-free mommying!

Mandy said...

I so relate to the letting her crack eggs... oh man.. I really struggle to let my kids cook with me but have been trying harder lately to just relax and let them mess up and learn. That IS a good mommy moment!! Found you on B's linky. :)

Carmen said...

What a great post, Marie. You are such a fun person (and mom). I wish I could hang out with you...seriously!

Brown Apples said...

my kids love to crack the eggs.. and stir... and pour.. and I clench my teath the whole time! Great stories Marie- great job being a great mom!

Leah said...

You are a great Mom, Marie! Keep up the good work!
Love, Leah

PS: My kids love the frozen blueberries too!