Friday, October 9, 2009


I was playing around with blog layouts and I messed up my whole blog!! I don't feel like fixing it right now, but no, this ugliness won't be around forever!

Current crisis: FLEAS

GROSS! Roxy has never had a single flea. Huck was covered in them when he came to our house. I found like 9 fleas on him his first night here. The adoption lady told me that they had given him a treatment and everything should clear up in a few days. Today I found two more fleas on him. Well I found one and Addison found the other. I called my vet that very instant and went to pick up some medicine for him and Roxy ($90). Now I'm just so grossed out! By the time I got the medicine and a new filter for my vacuum to increase its flea sucking power, and we ate dinner it was already 9:15 and too late to do all the deep cleaning. So now I'm sitting here, feeling really itchy and flea-ish, wishing I had paid for a nice purebred, flea-free, Siamese cat from the breeder and not this little fleabag.

I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. I did get a chance to vacuum the heck out of that thing.


I read that Borax works great when sprinkled in your carpets and stuff. Have any of you earthy people ever heard of diatomaceous earth?

Tomorrow is cleaning day.


TheBorman5 Plus1 said...

I have never heard of diatomaceous earth. I do know that bathing the dogs with a dabble of dish soap instead of dog soap sufficates the fleas, and doesn't harm there skin (when done less than 3 times a month). I know most cats don't like the water, but I thought I'd share! Oh and thanks for the comments!!!

Amanda said...

Oh, Marie! I'm so sorry. We've had a flea invasion a couple times at our house. Yuck! Diatomaceous earth won't work for fleas, I'm pretty sure. They sell it where John works so I'll ask him. What we had to do was actually flea bomb our whole house. That was SOOO hard for me because you know how weary of chemicals I am. Yuck. But, it worked.

Sorry about your blog troubles. There have been many times I've been working on a new look and had gotten so frustrated I just quit! Now I've kind of got the hang of it (kinda) so if you need help let me know!

Edi said...

You should email Michelle Dugger apparently she uses Borax for EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

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