Thursday, October 15, 2009


You all know Devin and I have been Dave Ramseying it for three years now, and we've been on a budget this whole time. On she listed her splurges and I thought it would be fun to list mine!

1. Coffee-mate creamer: We always, ALWAYS have it in the house. It's a sad day in my book when one of us uses the last drop and we have to use skim milk in our coffee. My favorite flavor is chocolate raspberry. YUM! Yes, I've put this on the debit card when we've run out of grocery money!

2. My hair. I lived here for a whole year and spent practically nothing with a "rising star" stylist at Dillard's salon and HATED my hair. Then one day I found Jessica, the girl who used to cut my hair at Crimpers in Manhattan. Hallelujah! She has been cutting it every 8 weeks ever since and there's no way I'm leaving her. She does a great job. I will curl up in a ball and die if she moves away.

3. DVR. We welcomed him in the family when we paid off our credit cards last year and I'm officially hooked. There have been a couple of times I've told Devin that it can go when things were looking a little tight, but secretly I was thinking "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE! ANYTHING BUT THAT!" I would probably put internet in this category too.

4. Our little slush fund. It's $60 a month of happiness. It goes towards Starbucks, eating out, movies, etc. It's just a little bit to keep moving forward on this budget.

5. 24 hour fitness. Our gym memberships are dirt cheap ($45 per month for both of us including childcare), and it's so worth it!

What are your splurges?


H.E.A. said...

FIRST: where is Jessica and is she terribly expensive?? I'm still searching for a decent, non-REALLY expensive stylist....


1) Wine Fund. I heart wine and I don't mind spending money on it. I haven't reached 'snob' level in the sense that I will enjoy a $5 bottle and not complain about it. But curling up with a book or a chick flick and a glass of wine is non-negotiable for me.

2) Friend fund. I'm 'single' for the most part in the sense that I don't have a built in friend to always hang out with that serious relationshippers or married couples have. SO spending time with friends is big for me. I generally will not turn down a night out or a random road trip simply because of money. I'm young, I'm responsible, and people are important to me.

3) Kaiah my dog. Every once in awhile I love going over board on her. Not in the food area, she eats off brand because I eat offbrand. But I'll buy her toys, or special treats, even special collars so we can run together.

That's about it though. I don't splurge often, but when I do those are the reasons!

Alisha said...

I feel like we don't splurge that often either, but after reading yours I guess we do in a couple areas:
1) Traveling to visit family. We make the dreaded 9 hour trip 3-4 times each year and it's worth every hour in the car!
2) Eating out/entertainment ($60)/individual spending money ($20/each) - it's not much but it's there!
3)Makeup/face products. (Except mascara - still use Maybelline!)
4) This one sounds silly since it's not really a money slurge, but we always splurge on family time - since it's just the three of us here, we always try to be purposeful in doing fun things as a family - like walks, hikes, and doing almost everything together - grocery shop, dr appts, Jake's softball games etc.. if one of us goes, usually all 3 of us go.

Anonymous said...

these days i've really begun to appreciate a sense of being super-frugal, so there isn't much...buuut...

1. phone plan. it's worth it for me to get the $35 online package for my jberry so i can keep up with my blossoming photography business. it has saved me a lot of time sitting in front of the computer!

2. channel selection. we HAVE to have the hockey channel - without it my future husband would, like you for your stylist, curl up in a ball and die.

3. spanx. i'm always willing to splurge on spanx. nothing will EVER compare!!

Keri said...

My splurges are definately:

1.Tazo chai concentrate so I can make iced chai lattes that taste just like Starbucks (for a quarter of the price).

2. Clinique powder and concealer--I buy cheap everything else, but those two I cannot give up.

3. My big old wine "juice box", it's a must have.

Michele said...

1. Charmin w/lotion - my butt deserves it.
2. Caramel Macchiatos - my taste buds deserve it.
3. DVR - I'm completely ruined by this and will never be able to go back.
4. Blackberry - for me, it's worth the extra cost.
5. Baby items for family, friends & clients - I have a very difficult time resisting an adorable outfit at a cheap price.