Friday, July 31, 2009

Stranger Danger?

Apparently reading the Berenstein Bear book about Strangers is not really doing the trick with Addison. Today it was such a beautiful day outside (hello! 78 Kansas) that we had a picnic lunch at a nearby park. Addison immediately ran over to the nearest parent helping her kid on the slide and said "Hi! I'm Addison!" Then she did it again to two more adults. It takes her a little bit longer with other kids, but she usually says hi and plays with them. Today some elementary aged girls were playing and one said hi to Addison. Addison said "Just a minute! I need to get something!" She sprinted over to the blanket where I was sitting with Ainsley and started digging through my purse. Out came an empty sandwich bag! She ran over to the little girl and said "We can play catch the bag!!!" Unfortunately "catch the bag" did not sound as delightful to Addison's new friend, and Addison's excitement was met with a blank stare Oh well. "A" for effort right?

In napping news (which makes for an oh so thrilling post) I am willing to put my intense need to get out of the house on a daily basis on the back burner for awhile if it means Ainsley can get the rest she needs. Plus I am enjoying the extra time I have to read books and play games with Addison. I enjoyed Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child very much. Thanks for the suggestion Carmen, Em and Erica! I wish I had read it when Addison was little. Oh well. She survived.


Amanda said...

Maybe Bradley could come over and help Addison come up with some more creative games. After all, he is the inventor of "How many raisins can I get to stick to my feet?"

Em said...

And that's just the point...Addison survived without the book. So I hope it helps you out, but don't get too hung up on it!! :)

Alisha said...

On the sleep thing - let me know what you do about church. I've realized staying home during the day (except that 11-1 time frame) is so nice for Emelyn and I both. However, church is hard. She usually falls asleep at home between 8:30-9:00 and sleeps for at least an hour - at church she doesn't get her normal nap during Sunday School time and is SUPER tired and cranky for the poor nursery workers during church time. We've just skipped Sunday School a lot of Sundays so that she can get a good nap in - but where's the balance between doing what's best for your kids and not letting them control your life?

Erica said...

Hey Marie. I hope you are hanging in there with the sleep thing. It was rough on me too. I'm one that hates to be stuck at home. So I started sewing during naptimes. It gave me a little escape.

Remember it's only for a season of life. It's not going to be forever! I had to remind myself of that quite often enough.

I agree with Alisha about finding a balance. Unfortunately it's a very grey subject that the solution is found only through lots of prayer.