Monday, December 15, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland?

I sold another book on amazon on Thursday. I flipped out last night because I didn't see the Sold! Ship Now! email from amazon because I get about 10 junk emails from amazon every day. I knew if I sent the book out priority mail this morning it'd get there pretty fast, so I get the girls bundled up, grocery menu planned, gym clothes on, etc. and we go out to the car.

Problem: Devin forgot to take the carseat out of his car so Celia could use it (don't get too mad at him. We were out late last night and had a busy weekend).

Ok no grocery store. Whatever. No gym (ehh....not that big of a sacrifice, really).

But I HAD to go to the post office. I had to mail out that book. It's, like, a 1/2 mile away, so I figured we'd take a "Winter Walk."

I know now that it is 8 degrees outside. I did not know that when we left.

Yes. This was a STUPID idea. I know that now, but I honestly did not have a choice. I get the girls extra bundled in hats, gloves, fleece blankets (they looked pretty cute), etc. and set them up in the stroller. The whining started about 5 minutes into the walk. I wish Celia had not been taught to say "I'M FREEEEEZING!" because she said it the whole time. Addison just sat there, looking miserable. They were happy as long as I was singing, so you can probably imagine me out there breathlessly singing

"The...wheels...on...the bus...go...round...and round..."

We made it there (thankfully it only took about 10 minutes to walk there)and mailed the book. If only this person in South Dakota knew the sacrifice I went through to mail her a slightly used copy of "Teaching With Love and Logic." It was the walk home that really sucked. Both girls started crying and continued crying even inside the house.

My birthday gift from Eric was sitting outside against the door. It was a bottle of what looks like really good Italian wine. There are only 3 reasons that entire bottle has not been consumed by now.

1. I am 30 weeks pregnant
2. Being completely drunk may somewhat affect the way I take care of Addison and Celia today.
3. I'm not an alcoholic.

I had a Krispy Kreme donut instead.

Lesson: Hell might be a lot like a winter walk with two 2 year olds. Except this version of hell would be a lot colder (8 degrees to be exact).

Lesson Two: It would have been worth the negative rating to stay at home. Duh.


Do you know how many places give you free stuff on/around your birthday (just sign up for their emails)? I had several coupons and I used them all this weekend! :)

Houlihans: Free entree (anything)
Red Robin: Free burger
Sheridans: Free shake, concrete or sundae (they have a drive-thru if your bday happens to fall in December but you still want a chocolate malt)
Banana Republic Card: $15 coupon (Devin got a really nice sweater at the outlet for free. No tax or anything!)

Thanks for all your wonderful birthday wishes! I felt so special this year. It was wonderful.


H.E.A. said...

Oh the cold. Its TERRIBLE! But good for you for braving it. And you can just tell Addison in true Calvin and Hobbs style that the cold builds character :)