Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Flowers

One of my favorite things about this year was re-discovering my childhood love of gardening. It's been a love/hate relationship (love flowers/ hate slugs, love planting/hate watering) but I could spend hours outside doing this stuff and not get sick of it. Sometimes I wish I had majored in landscape architecture or horticulture instead of my dumb education major, but it's ok. Never too late! This has been a good hobby to help break me of my perfection problem. You can't be a perfectionist and be a gardener. It just doesn't work. I haven't tried veggies yet, but am planning on it next year. I just know I'm going to get really upset about all the bugs....

Anyway, some of the flowers look really pretty in this awesome fall weather. Some of the hostas don't look so pretty in this awesome fall weather, so don't judge me too harshly. I'm a novice afterall....

I planted these purple mums back in the spring and got really upset when they all died and never came back. I was so happy when they bloomed this week!

This lily is pretty cool because it's one that Devin's dad bought me at the grocery store back in March. I decided it might be fun to try to plant it. The original plant died off, but all of these little offshoots popped up and now it's blooming.

This is our front yard. My border (left side)was already there when we moved in a few years ago; just needed to add some more plants. Our neighbors side (right) looked BAD, so Devin and I fixed it up for her. It's pretty fun to go plant shopping with other people's money! She just gave me a big bag of spring bulbs a few days ago, so I'm really excited to stick some tulips and daffodils in there. As you can see, the hostas have seen better days. I found out that grubs have been munching on them all summer. Organic, shmorganic...I HATE BUGS!

And last but not least, this is my adopted cat Squatter. He came to live on our deck a year ago, and never left. Now he's mine! I put a little kennel out there w/ blankets, but I'm trying to get Devin to build him a little house. It's not going so well (Devin doesn't have the same sense of urgency for cold cats as his pregnant, overly-emotional wife).


Amanda said...

The best advice I've gotten when it comes to veggie gardens is to plant a lot more than you think you'll need (except zucchini!). That way there is lots for the bugs, rabbits, and all those pesky creatures. We'll have to compare gardens when spring time comes!

Leigh Ayn said...

Your garden looks nice! I can't wait to live somewhere where I can grow veggies.

I just read your other post too... also have a membership to that cleaning club. Especially when it comes to the dreaded island. I bug Dan about leaving junk on the island (papers, aggh!) but I do it all day, so I have to make sure it is clean before he sees it!

Dan: if you ever read this, It isn't actually true. I made the whole thing up. Really. The house is clean all day. And Calvin never watches more than 1 episode of sesame street.

Carmen said...

Yay for gardening! Love it! A tip for the slugs eating the hostas...one solution is to occasionally put a small bowl of beer on the ground overnight...they can't resist and will drink to their death. He, he, he!