Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Back in March, I went to Eureka Springs, AR with my mom, Aunt Shel and Mariah. One of the antique stores we went in had this little plastic Barney doll. The guy was selling it for $3. My mom bought it for Addison. I teased her, saying there's no way she should have paid that much for it and that Addison would forget all about it right away. WRONG! She carries this little thing around everywhere and talks to it. She even sleeps with it sometimes. Guess it was a $3 well worth spending.

This picture nicely displays the "bang trim" Addison gave herself the other day.

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lgraves said...

oh my goodness, i really want an Addy squeeze! marie, she's adorable!

Amanda said...

So, I had to tell you that Luke woke up this morning and said, "Mama, can we go to Marie's house today??" Ha!