Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Today was a great day. I didn't have to work, so we just relaxed all day. Went to the gym, watched movies, went to the park, ate a great meal, ahhhhh!

Our family favorite is BBQ pork sandwiches. I make them in the slowcooker and it is seriously delicious. If you live in KC pork shoulder is on sale at Hy-vee (my all-time favorite grocery store) for .99 a pound, so buy a big slab o' pork and have a sandwich. Some people just throw some barbeque sauce on top of the meat and cook it, but I came up with a little cooking sauce that is really, really good.

I bought a 4lb pork roast. For only $4, why not? Trim the fat off that thing.

Sauce (I don't really measure. I just throw stuff in. Take lots of taste tests and see what you need to add and how much of it):

Mix in a bowl:
3/4 cup (ish) of apple cider vinegar
a little sprinkle of brown sugar

1/2 cup ketchup

a few squirts of Worcestershire sauce (maybe more)

a few shakes of steak seasoning

ground red pepper (be careful with this! It gets spicy fast)

a few shakes of paprika

a little barbecue sauce (like 1/4 cup or so. You'll add more later)

Put the meat in the slowcooker. Stir the sauce ingredients up and pour over the top (don't forget to taste first. You might want to add something else).

Cook for 8 hours on low heat.

Shred pork with fork. Devin likes it to taste extra juicy, so we don't really drain much of the cooking juices. I toast the buns in the broiler so they stay together a little better. You might want to drain the juice if you don't want the sandwiches to be too soggy. Add as much barbecue sauce as you like. Serve over hamburger buns (we use the whole wheat big kind) w/ a little coleslaw
Don't forget the corn on the cob.... :)
Addison is finally letting me put her hair up! This is a landmark occasion and deserves a picture!


Amanda said...

yeah for putting her hair up! She looks way cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the little pony tail! I can't wait until Skylar has hair, she already has a collection of bows just waiting......

Andrea said...

Oh, I love the little pony tail! Little redheaded children are the cutest! (Perhaps I'm biased!) I actually was at a different CVS (127th and Antioch). It happened to another lady at the same time one register over - so we seriously caused a backup at the registers. I'll probably not go on a Saturday any more - even though I totally feel like I should be able to! P.S. I think it's time to post a picture of your cute self - preggers.

Leigh Ayn said...

That is a really cute Addison picture!

This recipe sounds good too, I'm going to try it!

Alisha said...

Marie! You're making me hungry with your recipe - I miss good barbque!!

Michele said...

i have a meeting at the school tonight, so i think i'll make your bbq slow cooker recipe for the family. i'm even going to try your special sauce instead of buying a bottle. addison's picture is SO cute with her little bopping ponytail. i just got my license plate put on the jeep the other day. PNYTYL. Today when I look at that I'll smile thinking of Addison.