Thursday, August 14, 2008

I want a cute blog too!

I want my blog to look cute like everyone else's. How is this possible? HELP PLEASE!


Em said...

Marie! When did you get a blog? I love the colors on yours! I used the website to make my header. Beware: you will waste hours on scrapblog without even realizing it. It's an online scrapbook page maker...but you can save one "page" as a jpg and then upload it as an 'immage' on your header. Let me know if you have questions. Andrea helped me a lot.

Heather said...

you can also go to a website called
they have free blog layouts to choose from, they are free and they give you directions on how to set the design to your blog.

It's faster than scrapblog b/c it's already created so you can start at the free already set up one while you play around on scrap blog to design your own.