Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where'd all my hair go?

Oh that's right. I pulled it all out this morning. Ok that's not really true, but I wanted to. It's been a hard, hard morning for this preggo today, and I have not handled it well. One of my friends told me that she thought I had so much patience. She should have seen my lack of it this morning.

It was kind of my fault. I really wanted to watch the Project Runway episode that I missed last night, so I was distracted by that. Both girls really want ALL of my attention right now, so the fact that I wasn't giving it to them made it worse I think. First Addison spilled her whole bowl of Cheerios on the couch and then on the floor. Handled that one ok. It was an accident. Then a few minutes later I let both girls sit on my lap while I was watching the show. Celia kept trying to put her foot up on the table, dangerously close to my coffee. I told her not to do that. She kicked it up there really hard, spilling coffee EVERYWHERE in every crevice imaginable (even into the crate of Addison's tapes and dvds). I really didn't handle that one well. I pretty much blew my lid. Ugh..what a mess to clean up. I managed to get the coffee out of the chair (don't say I didn't warn you about spending too much on furniture!) and out of our carpet. I went into the kitchen to wipe up the videos and dvds and clean out the crate, and when I came out Celia had dumped the contents of her milk all over the floor. I guess she was trying to create some kind of Jackson Pollack masterpiece with sprayed milk out of a sippy cup, but I didn't appreciate her creative energies at that particular moment. Luckily it was on the tile floor, but she got a time out for that one. As much as I love Supernanny, I don't play the whole "sit the kid on a chair and chase them everytime they get up." I face the high chair to the wall, strap misbehaving toddler in tight and leave them there for one minute per year of age. I'm pretty sure I handled that one with some "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???!!!" and "ARRRRRRRRGGGHH!"

I probably overdramatized this whole situation. I am pregnant afterall, and those hormones can make you feel like a small problem is a huge catastrophe. Heh. Devin can tell you all about that! Anyway, I got that cleaned up and realized if I was going to make it through this day I needed to get in the word. It's truly amazing how much that helps. Sometimes God likes to remind me that if I think I can handle this stuff on my own I'm in for some fun surprises.

Like how Celia just figured out how to crack open Addison's "magic wand" and spill glitter all over the carpet.


Leigh Ayn said...

"I guess she was trying to create some kind of Jackson Pollack masterpiece with sprayed milk out of a sippy cup, but I didn't appreciate her creative energies at that particular moment."

That is where I lost it!! Calvin thought it was fun to pretend to be a Catholic priest at Easter Mass, and sprinkle "holy milk" all over his parents one night. That is the night that I decided to use those little valve things that are supposed to go in the cup.

Yeah, that post pretty much sums up daily toddler hijinx! This post wins the gold medal for funny!

Michele said...

my friends always comment on how patient i am, too. i always respond with something along the lines of, 'yeah, right'. unfortunately, i don't think patience is one of my virtues...but i try.

TerraGold said...

1. i'm very excited to get to read your blog
2. your descriptions dont scare me away from wanting to have kids, i'm living vicariously
3. YAY GREEN BANANAS!! I love a firm banana, a little green. Dan = opposite. He dragged old dirty brown bananas with us for days on our most recent trip.

Edi said...

We follow the same exact system as you guys do for time-outs... It ends up being just enough time for all parties involved and I sometimes force myself to "time out" on the couch at the same time Riley's on the basement stairs (with the hall light on) cuz it helps me cool my jets and gets me back to disciplining through love not frustration, or whatever emotion I'm drawing from at the moment... You're doing a great job and being patient all the time is totally over-rated in my book :)!!