Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, had the doctor's appointment today. I found out that you can feel your baby move much earlier the second time around. I've felt a few little flutters here and there, so I'm glad to know it's not all in my head. It's always nice to hear a heartbeat. It always makes me tear up a little. Can we say turning into your mother? Things are slightly stressful because all the midwives at the office were "let go" and I really like mine and didn't want to quit seeing her. She's not allowed to tell me straight out where she's headed, so I have to do some detective work. She could tell me which hospital she will be working out of (yes, a hospital and not a barn people!) and thankfully they aren't super far away. It isn't the one I initially wanted, but that's ok. I'm pretty flexible. I just need the hot tub. Hot tubs in hospital room= happy(er) Marie during labor. I get to have the sonogram next time, but don't get too excited, we're not finding out the sex this time around!

My mom's bday was last night. She got her first iPod. Pretty exciting stuff. My dad also bought her the most delicious wine I have ever had in my life last night. It is called Seven Daughters (white) and was truly like heaven in a glass. I could have a few measly sips, so was pretty jealous. I am expecting someone to bring me some of that to the hospital after baby is born. Breastmilk sschmeastmilk. Kidding...sort of...not really.

As many of you know I am an all out Dawson's Creek fan. It used to be on TBS every morning, but isn't anymore. Sad. Well I found it! 4:00 am on The "N" (whatever that is). Thanks to my new best friend, DVR, I can watch it whenever I want. YIPPEEEEEEEE!


Amanda said...

I miss our days in the dorms where we used to run to Dashers as fast as we could, get some food, and then run back to our room to watch Dawson's Creek. Whenever I hear the theme song I always think of you. Actually, whenever anything Dawson's Creek comes up I think of you. :) Love you, friend.

Andrea said...

I'm sorry, what? YOU, YOU Marie are NOT going to find out? I had to read that a few times because I thought I had read it wrong. I'm shocked.

Leigh Ayn said...

Oooh hot tub! If I didn't have so many dang problems, that would be how I would want to have babies!

Alisha said...

When are you due? How exciting!