Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 Years!

Devin and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary today! Sometimes it seems like it's been a lot longer than that (we've been together for 9 years), but I mean that in a good way. I don't know what I ever did without him. He's amazing. He's fun (did you know that engineers can be fun?) smart, cute, sweet, hot, athletic, and all around adorable with Addison. He's never showered me with romance (because I would gag), but when he is romantic, it's so cute and authentic. I really love my husband and am so thankful for him.

This story is especially for Amanda because it is slightly graphic in nature and after 12 years of friendship I still enjoy making her squirm. Dev and I had already been married for almost 3 years when Addison was born. You think you've seen it all after 3 years, but birthing a child (he watched..err.."helped") changes all that. I had an epidural and several hours after Addison was born figured it had worn off enough for me to walk myself to the bathroom. Well only one leg had worn off. I realized this after going to the bathroom, when I was trying to get off the seat. Yep. I was pretty much falling off the toilet. My only hope was hubby dearest, but I reaalllly didn't want him to see me in this state. There's blood everywhere, they've got you in, like, "net underwear" and pads as thick as a diaper (which were currently around my ankles). I called him and he helped me. He sat me back up on the toilet and fixed my "under garments" and helped me back to the bed. I'm pretty uninhibited (duh) but that was a pretty humbling experience. I think we both realized we were in it for the long haul at that point.

Here are some pictures from our 5 year journey!


Amanda said...

Ha ha! I can't believe you posted that story on your blog. But, after 3 children myself, I understand. Congrats on five years! And you really are one of my favorite couples. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Weiner and Devin from Heaven!!! It's been a long road since those days when the PDA police would regulate Spring Canyon:)
Hopefully will still be blogging when we hit our 60th anniversaries. We can blog about things that will make our children and grandchildren squirm. Won't we be the coolest old ladies ever???

Erica said...

Happy Anniversary. Enjoy a fun day together. Awesome story too.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!
I too am married to a really FUN engineer - I love him!

Alisha said...

Happy Anniversary!

HerstoryGirl said...

Love your blog!
My dh & I celebrate ours on Tuesday.
Thanks for your sweet comment.

Please pray for us in Louisiana!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Isn't it awesome when you find the best guy ever? The birthing experience was unkind to me and my husband helped remove my catheter. Gross, but very sweet. Enjoy all the years to come!

Unknown said...

precious, precious pictures. you're doing it (marriage) right and if you ever doubt that...ask me and i'll remind you.

well done!