Saturday, February 13, 2010

My catch

I banked out in the husband department. He puts up with a lot:

open cabinets and drawers (all the time)
clothes that are laundered, but sit in the laundry basket for a whole week
clothes that are unlaundered and sprawled all over the floor
"Devin I don't have a plan for dinner. How about I go to the store. You should get a snack cause it's going to be awhile."
a messy house because I would rather be with friends and family than clean
"What is Addison wearing? That shirt doesn't go with those pants!"
"No I don't know where the receipt is. "
crumbs after I make a sandwich
half-filled coffee cups lying around the living room with coffee that I forgot to drink (the Marie trademark).
"Can we go out to eat?"
"You're working this weekend again?!"

And he's still in love with me....
I'm a lucky girl!


Amanda said...

Yep. Devin is pretty awesome. But you aren't so bad yourself there, lady!

jenifriend said...

happy valentines day marie!!

roz said...

Love the way you have yourself pegged....(I found all the half drunk coffees here). While laundry and crumbs should be addressed in time, you have done an amazing job making your family feel loved and valued. WILL have to face the laundry. I just tell my kids...accept it as a fact of life and figure out how to get it done without it being OVERWHELM!
Love you so much, Marie!

Christina Estes said...

lol! You sound just like me. I am so unorganized/messy/outgoing and my husband is the quiet/organize/clean type. Even though we are so different we get along so well!

H.E.A. said...

I like to think Devin is a pretty lucky guy too :)

I hope you guys had a wonderful valentines day...even if I don't personally believe in the holiday!

devin said...

I agree with Amanda and Brandi. You aren't so bad yourself and I am a lucky guy. (and that Devin is pretty awesome)

Megs said...

your 'catch' scored, as well. let's not forget funny, entertaining and adorable.