Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deep thoughts this Valentine's Day

This lingerie that I was given before I got married 7 years ago just ain't right anymore. It accentuates the...unpositive. I feel like you should get another lingerie shower after you have kids and stuff is kinda droopy, maybe a little flabby, and perhaps a bit...marked. Then you'd receive stuff you might actually feel up to wearing without having to spend any money!

Then again, what would you give someone who just had a baby (and can you really say just when your kid is turning 1 on Monday? Let's go with yes!)? "Here's a fleece, zip up nightgown with Winnie the Pooh! It's guaranteed to keep you baby free for at least another two years!" or "Here, have a mu-mu!"


Sorry you had to read this post Dad. And Grandma.


Keri said...

I feel you. We used to wear my mom's old lingerie nightgowns to play dress-ups in (weird? yes.) and now I can totally see why. They fit a 3 year old perfectly. Mine looks like it belonged to someone else--my much younger, thinner, cooler self. I kind of miss her;)

Mary-Anne said...

Oh, yeah...I feel you too. Maybe that should be the "New" trend: throwing each other lingerie showers after you have a baby. We must work on that. Thanks for your honest thoughts. The sad thing is that I'm clinging to all my old lingerie in the "hopes" that I will fit into it one day. Aw, who am I kidding :)

Andrea said...

I laughed so hard when I read lingerie didn't fit quite right right a year after we'd been married... I tried some of it on the other day just to see how funny it would look...and I cracked myself up.

Heather said...

Well if you are looking for something new for a reasonable price then VS has their semi-annual sale in Jan & in June. You can get some really good deals especailly because after about a week they will go down in price again.

H.E.A. said...

Not to downplay your feelings cause I am sorry you aren't feeling at your best...BUT you really are beautiful.

Just an fyi, I am starting a kickboxing class here in Lenexa...if you're interested... :)


Steve, Amanda, Kyle , Owen, and Madilyn said...

Lingerie is over rated never is on longer than a few minutes. And it is expensive for so little material.

Okay it is nice to have pretty things that fit, but really a cute tank and short set can be just as nice and you can get way more use out of it. So this is my practical side, I guess.

Michele said...

hehehe. funny, ree.