Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dave Ramsey knows how to get under your skin

and I think that's why he takes calls like this:

Yesterday two people called in to the show separately telling Dave that their elderly parents had nothing, but were receiving calls from collectors from a pile of credit card debt. One lady was in a medicare nursing home at the end of her life and was still plagued with credit card collectors. Dave asked if she had any assets and her daughter said "nothing. she has nothing." Another man called saying his 74 year old father-in-law was living with them, receiving $683 a month in social security and had $30,000 in credit card debt. This is so SAD! You've raised children, worked hard, and then at the end of it all have nothing to show for it. I guess that's not such a big deal because having stuff isn't what life is all about. The thing that breaks my heart is the debt. I know how it feels to be trapped under a bunch of debt. It feels hopeless, so to have all that debt on top of the assets that you DON'T have is just so, so sad.

Anyway that was a bit of a downer so here are a couple of cute things that Addison has been saying lately:

"Mom is that that Christmas man?" (after seeing a picture of Santa hanging up in CVS)

"Huck's going to drive Roxy to the mall?!" (after mis-hearing me say "Huck is driving Roxy up the wall")

"Hey that's the man that screams all the time!" (about Bruno on Dancing With the Stars)



Caitlyn Riley said...

I LOVE MY NIECES!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!!! Soooo cute!