Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sometimes I don't like Dave Ramsey. It's nothing against him; he's a wonderful person. It's the plan. I know, I the long run it'll be good. But right now, it's stealing all the fun and making me mad!

It's stealing time with my husband because he now chooses to work on all the holidays.
It's making me mad that I have to wear my same old clothes day in and day out.
It's making me mad that my pillows have stains on them and my lampshades don't match.
It's making me feel like a big 'ol mooch every time we do something with my parents because they have to pay because we don't have money for it.
It's making me mad because I'm TIRED OF EVERYTHING ALWAYS BEING ABOUT MONEY (or lack thereof).
It's making me mad because we're so close, yet so far away from the goal of being debt free.

We've been at this for three years in October. I get asked a lot if we ever get discouraged.


Ok that feels better now. Thanks for letting me vent.

And now for something that always, always cheers me up:


Michele said...

YOU are doing GREAT. You're at the finish line...keep going. Soon, sweetheart, you will be able to exhale a bit. Hang in there. I am very, very, very proud of you.

nat said...

You are an inspiration! Speaking from someone who has just started the Dave Ramsey plan and looking at the enormous debt to pay off (thank you, grad school). I'll be calling you for tips in the future! :)

Brenda Blake said...

Marie, you are doing so great! One day you and Devin will look back at these days and know that you were doing the right thing. AND you'll be an inspiration to others!

I, too, get mad and feel the frustrations...everything boils down to money and then the good Lord turns my eyes to other treasures I may miss among my frustrations. :) You're a great family and it will pay off, literally.

Caitlyn Riley said...

But yall are doing such a GREAT job! Not kidding! I know it must be hard to go without things that you love and things that just make you happy but you can do it! You have done it for THREE years! wow! Keep it up! I have really been impressed!
Love yall!

Erica said...

Marie I also want to encourage you. You guys are doing great and it's awesome you can see the end of this. The other day I too was wishing things didn't revolve around money, ick. I hope God gives you a refreshing day even though Devin had to work.

lgraves said...

you can do it!!! its not a common thing to deny oneself these days and you guys are such an inspiration at it. love you and thanks for the email!

H.E.A. said...

You are doing so so so well! It's ok to get frustrated and upset sometimes. Denying yourself things you want is not a natural thing to do. But you guys are SO SO SO CLOSE!!

Keep working hard. It's such an inspiration!

roz said...

Marie and Devin...I talk about the two of you to all my friends...whenever the topic of debt/savings comes up. I am so proud of the two of you. You have done an amazing strive to become debt free. And through it all, you have learned so much, become coupon creative, supported one another, and set such an incredible example for others (to include your children!). You have demonstrated such discipline and strength! Be proud of your husband whose desire is to provide the best for his family (even if it means working holidays). Be proud of YOURSELF for being the strong wife and mom you are!

roz said...
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