Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friendliness or Stalkerness?

I remember faces (and sometimes names). Sometimes this "gift" I have is good and people seem grateful that I remember them. Sometimes it's bad because I can come off like a total stalker. I get into trouble with it a lot working at Baby Gap. For instance, I saw a girl at VBS this week and she looked totally familiar. I couldn't place her. I asked her if she was from LV. Nope. How about K-State? Yes! K-State, but 4 years before me. Hmm.... Then I saw her cute little girl and remembered her from Baby Gap. Well then I feel like I made her come across as someone who shops there too much (which wasn't true). Arrgh. Sometimes I think I should just keep my mouth shut (but I probably won't. I like talking to people too much).

Next area of trouble for me: FACEBOOK.

I'm not too choosy on friends. If I've met you once, I think it's perfectly acceptable to ask to be your friend. In fact, I was looking for Tann electric on facebook to become a fan (they saved us from impending death) and came across the guy who did the electrical work. I did NOT ask him to be my friend, but I sure came close. Anyway, even though I did not ask the electrical guy to be my friend, I have asked people from church in leadership positions to be my friend (even though I have maybe said hi to them in the hall, or even if I haven't even met them). This is all fine and good. We're brothers and sisters in Christ, right? Well it just gets a liiiiiitle bit awkward when I run into them either at church or some other place. I've come across these people and they seriously take a few extra seconds to place me. What do you do? Do you say "hi I'm your friend on facebook. I'm a creep!" or do you say nothing? So far I've gone with option #2 and I don't think it's going to last much longer. Help!

Perhaps I'll stick with just being facebook friends with people I actually know.

I was also tempted to become facebook friends with my high school ex-boyfriend's wife (just out of curiosity), but Leigh Ayn talked me out of that one and became friends with her instead. Good friends do that kind of thing.


Christina Estes said...

FYI: I don't think you're weird or stalkerish and we met at baby gap. It's always better to be friendly, people appreciate it:).