Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1.August 15, when Ainsley will be old enough to go to the gym and I can have a nice break
2. Seeing Keri when she comes to visit soon
3. Seeing Aunt Shel and Mariah in a couple of weeks
4. Addison's 3rd birthday party. She talks about her birthday every day.
5. Seeing Year One. It looks pee-your-pants funny.
6. Going on a bonafied vacation after all this stupid debt is paid off. I'm talking the works: nice hotel, a beach, restaurants, margaritas, you name it, we're doing it!
7. When my dad calls us saying he's found a great job.
8. June 15, when I can re-stock the grocery budget. :) It's down to $18.

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Bible Study
2. Caribou Coffee ($1 Mondays baby!)
3. Aldi
4. Last minute park getaway with Brenda and our kids
5. Watched the Bachelorette (that Jake is such a cutie)
6. Played cards with Addison
7. Fed Ainsley about 15 million times
8. Is it sad that I can't think of an 8th thing? :)

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Play the guitar and the piano
2. Be Tidy. Regardless of how hard I try, thing tend to get messy in a hurry. Especially when I'm cooking. (hey me too Erica!)
4. Drive Devin's car
5. Bake bread like an artisan bread maker
6. Run
7. Go to nursing school
8. Go on a shopping spree

Eight Shows I Watch:
1. The Office
2. Amazing Race
3. Biggest Loser
4. The Bachelorette
6. Max and Ruby
7. Dora
8. Say Yes to the Dress

Eight Favorite Fruits:
1. Blueberries
2. Strawberries
3. mandarin oranges
4. grapes
5. pineapple
6. kiwi
7. peaches
8. cherries

Eight Places I've Lived:
1. Shawnee, KS
2. Manhattan, KS
3. Columbia, MD
4. Leavenworth, KS
5. Heidelberg, Germany
6. The Netherlands
7. Hinesville, GA
8. Charlottesville, VA

Eight Places to Visit:
1. Germany. I am dying to go back to Garmisch and a Christmas Market
2. Hawaii
3. New England
4. Upper NW (Washington, Oregon)
5. Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas
6. Ireland again
7. Where Amanda lives (Amish land)
8. Southern California
(9.) Spring Canyon (I miss it there)


Michele said...

Eight Reasons I Love You
1. You make me laugh
2. You 'get' me
3. You are you
4. You listen
5. You invest in the lives of others
6. You don't ridicule me for watching reality tv
7. You speak sweet words of encouragement regarding my parenting
8. Simply...you're lovable

niKnox said...

You wish you could go to nursing school - do you think you will someday? Just curious - that's amazing. I could NEVER be a nurse.