Monday, March 30, 2009

The latest around here

I thought I'd take a few minutes while Devin and Addison are at the gym to update my blog. I am staring at my TRASHED house (thank you Addison), thinking this might not be the best idea, but oh well.

Our cat Gus isn't really doing that well. He quit eating when Ainsley was born (yeah 6 weeks ago) and has lost quite a bit of weight. Originally I'd see him occasionally eating his food and thought it wasn't that big of a deal because he was too fat anyway. Well now he's gotten to be really bony and lethargic. Devin took him to the vet and $250 later he came home with some pills and a syringe to syringe feed him canned food. Thankfully Devin has been really nice about taking on this task because I don't have a lot of time to care for a toddler, nurse a baby and syringe feed a cat. It's really hard to know what to do. He keeps throwing up the food. The vet mentioned the next step would be to put in a feeding tube. Now as much as I love my cat (it borders on obsession really) that is NOT going to happen. Hopefully he'll eat on his own soon. How do you know where to draw the line with pets? I don't want him to suffer, but he is getting older and we have limited funds to invest in him.

The snow did not decimate my flowers like I thought. Heather (my friend and personal gardening pro) assured me they'd be fine and they are! Yay! The weather is beautiful once again.

My car didn't end up costing an arm and a leg either. It was about $350 and not $600 like we thought it might be. Phew.

So it's another month of not paying off our car like we were hoping, but I am still thankful for that $1000 emergency fund.

I was at my doctor appointment today (6 week check up). Like ALL postnatal (is that the right word?) women, I hopped up on that scale expecting dramatic weightloss results! C'mon baby 10 lbs!! Woo hoo!!

Nope. 1 measly pound. ONE POUND?! FOR REAL? I've been trying REALLY hard! Ok maybe not that hard. I ate a razzle dazzle sundae today at Sheridans that was amazing. Oh, and that pumpkin pie last night. Ok so I guess I need to cut back on those desserts. :) I did discover this thing of beauty called Exercise TV on demand. Yesterday I did a Biggest Loser Cardiomax routine (it was filled with past contestants and none other than Bob Harper himself) that made me work up quite a sweat. Addison did it with me, but she only lasted one minute. Anyway, I've got about 15-20 pounds to lose...sigh...., but we'll get it done.

Addison was so cute today. She started breastfeeding her baby doll! What made it even cuter was when she said "she likes Addy's milk!" Devin thought it was a little strange, but I told him it was perfectly normal. That's how she sees me feeding her sister, so why would she feed her baby differently?

Here are some other recent pictures:


Keri said...

I still can't believe you have two kids when I see those! Sorry about Gus, I wouldn't know what to do either. Pets are soooo expensive.

Try not to worry about the weight loss too much...just keep breastfeeding:) I ate so much junk the first 2-3 months after Skylar was born it was gross, I was always hungry, but I still (eventually) lost the weight.
Tell Addie to keep breastfeeding too so her baby can be in the gifted program.

Michele said...

poor gus. will you whisper in his ear, 'michele loves you' for me? sadly, it sounds like he's on his way out. my suggestion is just to love him till the end. i think it's precious that addison is breastfeeding her doll. sounds normal enough to me since she sees it all day long. tell devin he can start worrying when she stands up to pee like he does.

Amanda said...

Yah! I loved the update. I always love to hear what's going on in your life. Poor Gus. At least he has a loving family to take care of him.

And it IS totally normal for Addison to want to breastfeed her baby. Lilly did it when she was that age. And don't tell anyone....but Luke did too. :) We had to sit down and have a talk with him. Ha!

H.E.A. said...

I love your little family. So adorable!! :)

Leigh Ayn said...

cuuuuteness! I love the picture of you and Ainsley! Addison nursing her doll is so cute, she's a smart kid!

jenifriend said...

oh so sad for your kitty!! i just don't know how i'll do the day my first cat starts to go like that...devastated i'll be i'm sure. i him til the end!!

when all else fails to lose weight, crank up some good tunes and get a dance party going in the house for five minutes and really let loose. it will not only help you lose weight but it will be a natural destresser...if you are stressed. :)