Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Leigh Ayn I'm glad you told me about moneysavingmom.com She has some great tips and I enjoy reading the posts, but occasionally I read her posts and clearly see the difference between us. She is clearly a Type A personality and I am clearly...not.

This is an excerpt from today's post:

"I also took a quick inventory and realized that I now have 17 dinners in the freezer for after the baby is born. Yay!"


So thank you to my mom, Roz, Aunt Shel and my wonderful friends who have cooked me amazingly tasty meals getting me through this "transition." Oh, and a double thanks to my husband who is happy with an egg sandwich, and loves me even though I could never get it together enough to prepare 17 meals in advance.

Anyway, Ainsley is so cute and sweet and I absolutely love her, but I also feel like I have begun a brand new life (This brand new life would be way better if I didn't need a brand new, bigger size). Unfortunately I think I created some completely ridiculous expectations for myself that because I have taken care of Celia most of her life that I could handle this transition pretty easily. Going from one to two is different and it is much harder than I thought, but every day gets a little bit easier and a little bit more like normal. I have had some nursing hurdles to overcome, and Ainsley is pretty colicky in the evenings, but I am just trying to take it one day at a time, which is not easy for someone like me who does not like to take things one day at a time, but would rather worry in advance. I also like to write in long, run-on sentences! I still think it's easier than being a first-time mom. I promise to keep you guys posted.

Check out my Aunt's blog for some cute pictures from her trip out here!

The great thing about nursing is I can get caught up on all my shows! This season of American Idol is so exciting. I was torn tonight between Adam and Danny. Black and White was one of my favorite songs in 5th grade. I liked watching the music video when all the different people would morph into each other.

Say a prayer for my dad! He has a job interview tomorrow!


Leigh Ayn said...

Yeah... uhh...the moneysaving mom and I are complete opposites too!

i miss you!

Alisha said...

I saw that on money saving mom - good for her - but I can't seem to do that either. I saw the pics on your Aunt's site - Ainsley is so cute!!! And you look good too, Marie!

Erica said...

Marie. I'm glad you are hanging in there. The thought of two children seems to overwhelm me sometimes. I can't imagine how you would have had the time to make 17 meals in advance. There are only a certain number of hours in a day. I checked out your Aunt's blog and loved the pictures she took. Your little Ainsley is quite a cutie.

Be encouraged today, you're doing a great job.

Michele said...

THANK YOU!!!!! i finally have my blogger e's....i won't even complain that orange doesn't match my new page! Love you.