Friday, September 5, 2008


Merah and I took our brood of children to the Legends. We thought it might be a fun experiment to take them clothes shopping. Surprisingly enough, I managed to get some stuff for Addison. Never mind the fact that when we got home she decided she hated it all and refused to try anything on. I will probably have to bring it all back, but the point is we shopped with 4 toddlers and it wasn't a suicide mission afterall.

Then we went to McDonalds to the play place. Those places are like hepatitis central in my opinion, but whatever...they had a great time and we actually got to have some adult conversation. Bring on the germs! I should take a minute to share how much I love Merah. She and I were pretty good friends at K-State, even went to China together one Christmas, but got to be really close after we had kids and realized we were (at the time) each other's only friends in town with kids. If you know us, our personalities are completely different. Merah is calm, cool and collected and I'm a spaz. I think we've learned a lot from each other. I love how our personalities have sort of rubbed off on each other over these past three years. She's taught me how to be more patient and I have seen her become more laid back and spontaneous. Our conversations have grown from centering around parenting only to some good heart to heart stuff. Considering I'm someone who hates small talk, that means a lot to me. Being a mom can be very isolating. You get pretty lonely. Merah was my saving grace. I thank God for her a lot. Come to think of it, I have some pretty amazing friends. You guys rock (but not my socks off). I love all of you.

ANYWAY (enough of that emotional gobblety gook)
Here's a "what would you do?" situation:

At work tonight this man exchanged a little rugby shirt for a bigger size. I rung everything in and put the shirt back in his wrinkled bag for him (I remember this detail because I considered getting a new bag, but am trying not to be so wasteful). He and his wife look around the store a while longer. They leave and after 15 minutes or so run back in the store with an empty bag saying the shirt had fallen out in the store. I went back to the rack and that size shirt was hanging there in front, but I didn't remember picking it up off the floor (nor did anyone else). I also did a merchandise check to see how many we had sold vs. how many were hanging up. It said we should have 1, but two were hanging there. Problem is our system is always screwing up. It's always wrong. My supervisor and I really didn't know what to do. Do we just give the guy a shirt, even though it was his fault he lost the dang thing? Is he stealing another shirt? This stuff always happens to me because I'm so nice and friendly and giving. Arrgh. Well we decided to give him the shirt because he and his wife were upset about it. It was pretty irritating though. What would you have done?

Just curious!

P.S. I have a new phrase that I hate.
Former phrases:
Rocks my socks off
I "heart" something
"Hi my sweet friend!" (yes some of you are guilty of this. You know who you are...ahem.....)

Refers to blogging: Posting something that might/might not be offensive and then writing "I'm just sayin'....." AARRRGGGGH! It's just so, so...annoying (to me). Then again, I'm pregnant. What isn't annoying these days? Other than me and my crazy hormones to Devin!


Jenny said...

Marie! We deal with stuff like this occasionally, too, and I never have any idea what to do. In fact, it happened just last Sunday. A woman paid with a $10, got her change, then came back ten minutes later saying she was absolutely certain she paid with a $20. My shift leader, Matt, even counted down the drawer to see if we were $10 over, like we should have been if she had actually given us a $20, and we weren't. So, Matt made a judgement call and tried to explain this to her, but then this woman's friend just went off, apparently, and started to kind of make a scene. Matt was telling me about this later, but I've had it happen to me, too. So, what would I do? I think it's not worth losing a customer over $10. But yeah, it does seem like they're stealing. It's a tough situation, for sure.