Sunday, September 7, 2008

10 things I'm not afraid to admit (in no particular order)

10. I wish I didn't gossip so much. I'm no better than a 7th grader some days.
9. I was really pissed about that Michael Googlyschoomgly guy that wrote that song "The Healer" about having cancer. He pulled out the fake oxygen and everything. It turned out to be a lie. Then I remembered that I have lied about a lot of things in my lifetime too.
8. I hate being told what to do, unless I can't make a decision then I will plead with you to decide for me.
7. Sometimes I try to appear to be more laid back than I actually am. I like to seem like the "laid back mom", but there are times when I genuinely freak out about silly things. Like a scratch at gym daycare. I really didn't handle that one well.
6. I made a lot of really stupid decisions with money.
5. I wish I had majored in something else at K-State. Education was a dumb major for me, the girl who hates to plan anything.
4. I'm a wannabe Stacy & Clinton when it comes to judging how other people dress, but wear white v-necks that have holes and sweatpants with paint stains to bed (I just threw these two items away yesterday, realizing that it's not a great way to keep the spark going in your marriage).
3. I still drink a cup of coffee everyday even though I'm pregnant. I think the baby will understand that it's too weird to drink decaf at 7 am.
2. I listen to "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me" by DC Talk everytime I work out at the gym.
1. I am really, really, really excited about Sarah Palin. I think McCain made a great choice.

Ok what are yours?


Anonymous said...

Hey my sweet friend! Micah totally hearts you and I just wanted to tell you that you rock my socks off!
Hee hee.
Okay, now that I've totally annoyed the pregnant lady, thanks for your list and for being so honest! I really appreciate that about you:)

Amanda said...

I am proud to admit that Keith Green is one of my all time favorite musicians. In fact, I think I'll blog about it!

Leigh Ayn said...

Yeah, so for me, number 6 for sure.

I also like Sarah Palin, even though someone ALMOST convinced me that her youngest baby is actually her grandchild. But I like her, I'm excited too!

I will post more of mine on my blog!