Saturday, May 30, 2009

It doesn't always pay to be green (or a moron)

Today was starting off to be a great day. Ainsley slept through the whole night last night, and I woke up at 7:00 am feeling refreshed. Devin left around 7:45 to participate in Serve Day here in KC, and I got the girls up and fed. I decided to tackle the grocery stores this morning, so I combed through my recipe books and looked at the ads and planned out meals (I am bound and determined to stay within our grocery budget this week). I decided to try for three stores with the girls. I was in a Mission/Roeland Park kind of mood today instead of a Shawnee mood (I'm weird...I know...) so I went to the Hy-vee over there instead. First store went great. I was out of there in record time and only spent $15. Next stop was Price Chopper. I got the girls out and into the racecar cart and then realized I left my reusable bags in the trunk. When I opened my trunk, I saw that my bag from Hy-vee had spilled out everywhere so I quickly put everything back in the bag, shut the trunk and was on my way. Immediately after I shut the trunk I realized I had left my keys in there.

I'm typically someone who can figure out a way out of most situations, so I don't usually panic about things, but I realized then and there that there was no easy solution to this one. My mom was in Arizona, Devin was doing carpentry work in KC, and my dad was at the zoo with a bunch of people from Nepal (isn't that a fun mental image?). I rolled the girls inside and went over to the manager and told him what I did and asked if they had one of those carjack thingies (my exact words). :) No such luck, but he did track down the number to a locksmith nearby who could be there in 10 minutes. I went ahead with my shopping and decided to call the locksmith when I was almost done. I waited and waited and waited with the girls for about 30 minutes (various people stopped to see if I was ok. I love Kansas!) and no sign of the locksmith, so I called my next door neighbor, Stacy, (in tears at that point)to see if she would be willing to bring the extra car key. She wasn't even at home, but was willing to drive up from down south to help me out. She came and we were rescued. Thankfully Addison was really well behaved. Give the girl something to drink and a bag of graham crackers and she's good to go. We even made up a song called "Hurry up Stacy." Ainsley was really good too, smiling and coo-ing at every old lady that walked by. I was thankful for my sweet little girls, who made a crappy situation less crappy.

Even though we were at Price Chopper for over two hours, the food was still cold in the trunk so I'm going to use it and hope that my whole family doesn't get food poisoning. Anyway, leave it to me to turn an everyday grocery shopping trip into a crazy mess.

Just another day in the Riley household!

P.S. Wanna know what we're having? Ok!
-Hamburgers, pasta salad and corn on the cob
-Slow cooker BBQ burritos (we'll see how this tastes) w/ fruit salad
-Italian Casserole (some kind of noodle-y ground beef concoction out of Southern Living) w/ salad
-lasagna (made by my mom) w/ salad and bread
-Pot Roast w/ sweet potatoes/carrots
-Shrimp and spinach pasta w/ salad
-Roasted Chicken and potatoes (I'm going to try to cook the whole chicken in my slow cooker with rosemary and lemon. Have any of you done this before? Should I skin it or leave the skin on?)


Em said...

Marie! What a great story! I'm sure it wasn't great at the time...but it was sure fun to read about. I'm thankful for your awesome neighbor who came to the rescue!

Yes, I've done the whole chicken in a crockpot. Hy-vee had an awesome deal, didn't they? I bought my second chicken today! I got three meals out of the first one after I boiled it for an hour and shredded it. :)

Here's what I did when I did the crockpot version:

I did keep the skin on, but be sure to take out the gizzards, heart and junk. The neck can stay on if you can't pry it off!

ps did you get the great Ronzoni pasta deal? I hope so. I thought of you b/c you mentioned it in the past.

Erica said...

Marie! Isn't it amazing how food can make kiddos happy. I'm sorry you had quite the day.

I cook chickens in the crockpot a lot. I just add a little water on the bottom, some onion, salt, pepper and whatever spice I think sound good that day. I tend to leave the skin on so it doesn't dry out. It's such an easy meal and always tastes great.

Unknown said...

i'm a gaggin' just thinking about a white- fleshed, goose- pimpled chicken sitting in a crockpot.