Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm mad at you Mommy!

Yep. She said it! It was the first time. I came downstairs from trying to soothe Ainsley back to sleep (after a very short lived nap) to a poopy smelling room. When I asked Addison why she pooped in her pants she said "I was mad at you." Wait. Maybe I misheard that. Huh? I asked her again and sure enough, "I was mad at you because you were upstairs." I explained to her that it is ok to be mad at mommy, but it is not ok to poop in your pants to reflect this emotion! Argh. I was kind of wondering if she got that whole "I'm mad at you thing" from yours truly. Everytime she has an accident I get pretty irritated and tell her. Now if she does go on the potty she says "Now I don't make you mad Mom!" I sort of use this firstborn desire to please to my advantage and say "Nope, now Mom is soooo happy!"

All this talk over the bathroom. Good grief. I apologize for those of you who don't have toddlers that you had to read that.

Anyway, I just read a great book. In Praise of Stay at Home Moms by none other than Dr. Laura. I absolutely loved this book. My mom got it for me for Mother's Day and she is so encouraging and uplifting. This book made me feel so motivated and energized to enjoy the girls and not worry so much if everything else is getting done. I've been playing more games and reading more books to Addison instead of sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself because I'm overwhelmed with stuff to get done. I really do love being a mom. It is quite wonderful.

Tonight was really fun. I have been in a bible study for almost 4 years with some wonderful girls and tonight was a little send-off party for a very amazing girl who is preparing to spend two years teaching school in Mexico. We ate dinner at, you guessed it, Cheesecake Factory! I was a little nervous because I only had $16 to spend there, but wouldn't you know my favorite item on the menu is also one of the cheapest. A mojito would have been really good, but I did get a mojito-lime flavored seasoning packet for free at Hen House the other night. Maybe that will satisfy my craving. Doubtful. One topic on the agenda was Lady Ga Ga. Is a disco stick what I think it is?

ANYWAY, I always love getting together with these girls and tonight was no exception. I honestly don't know what I'd do without all these terrific friends that God has blessed me with.

Speaking of blessings, my mom found us a bumbo seat with a tray for $15 and my dad found us a lawnmower for $50! We were really in need of our own lawnmower, but the Bumbo seat is something I never realized I needed til now. To think I raised Addison for nearly 3 years without it! Ainsley looks so cute sitting in this thing. She only lasts about 5-10 minutes, but those are some productive 5-10 minutes. I tried using it in the tub, but probably wouldn't recommend that idea to anyone and I'm sorry to my poor baby for using her as a test dummy. Let's just say the chair tends to float a bit. Please don't call SRS. I doubt I'm the first parent to not read the writing on the chair that says not to use it in water. :)

Have a great Friday everyone!


Alisha said...

How funny Marie - I got a BLUE bumbo chair with tray for $15 too. And I, like you, loved it and don't know how I ever would have made supper in one setting without it. Have a good weekend!

Roz said...

Marie, NEVER doubt yourself as a mother...I have witnessed first hand your tenderness, firmness, compassion, wisdom, humor, patience, juggling, eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head, and pure undadulterated love for your children! The housekeeping, laundry, etc. for the most part can wait (just keep a safe house). The meals, though are pretty important! You are right to enjoy those darling girls now...they grow up sooooo fast! Did I really say that??? I love you for the mother and wife that you are! Our family is blessed!
Wish the BUMBO chair was around when my four were little....

Amanda said...

Someone once told me that when my children grow up they aren't going to remember if there were cobwebs in the corners or the laundry sat for a few days. BUT, they would remember the books I read to them and the trips we shared. Good advice, huh? Now if I could only remember it!

Wow! Addison pooped in her pants to get back at you, huh? Lilly has gotten into the habit of saying "Mommy, you hurt my feelings!"

I've debated over whether to look into one of those chairs or not. I might just have to now. Ainsley looks SO SO cute in it!

Anonymous said...

When I am mad at Keri I poop my pants too.