Saturday, December 6, 2008

I love presents.

Most of you know that I like to open my presents early. In fact, my wonderful mother-in-law learned to send my birthday presents to Devin's work because I have a tendency to dive in as soon as they come in the mail (insert big toothy grin here). My aunt always tries to write in big, bold black writing DO NOT OPEN TIL YOUR BIRTHDAY (or Christmas). She even adds I KNOW HOW YOU ARE! I was pretty good last year. I opened them up the night before. That counts, right?

Well one thing you may not know is that I seriously get equally or more excited for people to open gifts that I give them. I often try to convince people to open their gifts right away. It's just too exciting to wait! I'm like a little kid "WELL, DO YOU LIKE IT?! WHAT DO YOU THINK?! HUH?!, nearly hyperventilating before them when they do. My mom never gives in. Neither does Aunt Shel. Devin always gives in. Last night I bought him one of his presents (a pair of headphones for running) and gave them to him. Honestly, his headphones broke and he has been using mine for the past few weeks, so I did want him to be able to start using them. My intentions were pure! Well now there's someone else who will gladly open a present early: my two year old daughter Addison! Yes! Would this be taking advantage of her limited development? Probably. Technically they weren't her real Christmas presents; just a new pair of jeans and some sparkly red shoes ($11 for both at Baby my job!) to wear for Christmas. But she was so excited! She kept saying "I love my red shoes!" and hugging me and Devin, and doing that over and over again. Devin told me I should have given them to her after they went to the gym, and sure enough, the new red shoes were on her feet when they left the house!

This season is a lot of fun.

P.S. Amanda do you remember back in college when we gave each other our Christmas presents Thanksgiving weekend? ;)

Here's one more fun picture for you from yesterday when I watched my friend Kelly's daughter, Elise. They made a little picnic!


lgraves said...

marie, i'm the same way. growing up i would sneak around, find my gifts, unwrap them, then wrap them back up. and, if the opportunity presents itself i'll do it again!

Amanda said...

Oh yes. I remember. I still remember what we got each other too. What's funny is that we got our presents for each other from the same store! :)

Marie said...

Leah I must say that I don't snoop. I just rip into them early if given the chance. So don't send me anything in the mail early!