Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here are a couple of pictures of some of our little decorations. Sometimes I wish my house was decorated more like something out of Southern Living or House Beautiful, but those people don't have toddlers that mess with all their stuff. Plus they have lots of money. Plus I just don't care that much! At least people can feel comfy over at our place. I don't freak out if you spill something!

That's our cute little tree. We just don't have a big enough living room for a normal one. Andria, that's why your suggestion of putting my 8' Santa in the living room won't work. That apartment complex across the street is the reason for my trepidation about sticking Santa out there. I have a feeling he might get stolen.

We don't have a fireplace. Santa will have to come through the air vent or something.

One of my former 6th grade students made that little light thing for me one year. That's one of the beauties of having a house that does not look like a catalog: you give me something for Christmas, I'll display it!

There they are in all their bright and shining glory! The only one I'm missing is Santa. The snow monster actually roars and plays music. We have to limit Addison to playing it in her room, and only in the afternoon so our neighbor won't hate us. Addison and Celia watched the movie yesterday and loved it.

We also have a beautiful Willow Tree nativity scene. I love it.

So let's talk some more about Christmas songs. Your favorites? The ones you absolutely detest?

Here are my faves:
1. Little Drummer Boy by Josh Groban.
2. The Entire Mariah Carey Christmas cd
3. O Holy Night by Point of Grace
4. Emmanuel by Michael W. Smith (mock away Eric)
5. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Yes, I'm serious. "Should we open up her gifts or send them back? SEND THEM BACK!" The highlight was when I played it in the car while running errands with the girls and Celia goes "I like this song!"

There are many, many more.

Here are the ones I will turn off immediately or run to the backroom at work and skip.

1. Christmas Shoes
2. Mary Did You Know? (I think I've just heard it sung really badly too many times at the chapel growing up)
3. TLC singing "Sleigh Ride"...it's as awful as it sounds.
4. Any Christmas song "cool jazzified" on 98.1

I bet I could think of more. What are your suggestions?


H.E.A. said...

Garth Brooks' Soldiers Hymm is pretty touching. Its a twist on Silent Night (makes me cry). Go tell it on the mountain is an ABSOLUTE favorite of mine. Tennessee Christmas (even though I've never even been there...) Breath of Heaven...
Shedaisy and Rascal Flatts "all for you" HILARIOUS
AND ANY version ESPECIALLY Transiberian Orchestra of Carol of the Bells

On a side note...if you like that rudolf movie (the one that goes with your beanie babies) you would LOVE the Claymation Christmas Special!! Ever seen it??

Leigh Ayn said...

We hate the same songs! I'm working on my post of favs. and hates.

Em said...

I really like the Hippopotomus Christmas song...I think it's really fun but acknowledge that a lof of people find it quite annoying.

The Christmas shoe song is so depressing..

Andrea said...

I love you and all, but Little Drummer Boy is my least favorite Christmas song of all time - well maybe the 12 days of Christmas might be worse...

Oh Holy Night by Celine Dion or Josh Groban are my favorites - and Patrick Largen singing O Come Emanuel is up there too.

Marie said...

Andrea I will strongly agree that The Little Drummer Boy is a pretty dumb song, HOWEVER, Josh Groban turns this lame song into a musical masterpiece. C'mon..I know you and Em are Grobanites too.

I've never heard Patrick sing O Come Emmanuel. I bet I would stick it under my favorites too. Is he the new singer at your church?!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Emily, the Hippopotamus song is one of my favorites...I think I might just blog about this. Thanks!!

Michele said...

My fave 'serious ones' are:
All is Well by Michael W. Smith &
O Holy Night by just about anyone

My fave silly one is, and always has been:
Jingle Bell Rock

I only dislike Christmas music when it is overplayed (like our station in Phoenix does). It's only December 10th and I've ALREADY had my fill of Chestnuts, I'll Be Home For Christmas and the dumb Chipmunk tune. If I was forced to pick an all-time-least-favorite it would probably be Good King Winceslas (sp?)

Michele said...

What is the Christmas Shoe song? I have NO idea what you are talking about.

Michele said...

oh my gosh, i didn't even make it through the first stanza of 'christmas shoes' before exiting youtube. yikes!

Anonymous said...

Remember when we caught people trying to steal Santa at our house on Fairchild?? You better guard him with your life!!! I expect to see that big, obnoxious, glowing thing in your yard when your 80.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and Micah loves the entire Josh Groban christmas CD. He pretends to turn it on for Skylar every night, but he loves it. He was listening to it in our room just this morning while getting ready for work.