Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ainsley's new bed

I bought the girls some new bedding from Target a few weeks ago. Ainsley's little toddler comforter and sheets were just so cute that I couldn't resist asking around for a toddler bed to put them on. Then, when a friend from church said I could have her toddler bed and mattress for a grand total of $10, the crib went down and in went the toddler bed

Awww so cute! We even kept the bumper because she is obsessed with it. At first I don't think she realized she could actually get out of it and that made me really excited. Yeah that didn't last very long. Night time has been going ok, but naptime is a whole different story. This girl just loves her new found freedom. Maybe I should paint her face blue and call her Braveheart...errr....William Wallace. Nevermind.

The point is I really wish we had just kept the stinking crib up a little longer. This is what happened today:
12:30 Ainsley falls asleep in car when dropping Addison off at school. Yes! I can transition her! This is will be perfect...
12:35 Ainsley wakes up when I take her coat and boots off, but drowsily reaches for her bumper and closes her eyes.
12:40 I hear chatter from upstairs. I try to ignore it but go upstairs and see Ainsley playing with some of Addison's jewelry...with a poopy diaper.  Back in bed she goes with a myriad of binkies to choose from as well as some books to look at.
1:00 Talking has not subsided. Hear a crash upstairs. Ainsley is sitting in one of the plastic bins under Addison's bed seen in picture #1. Back in bed she goes with more books and a kiss goodnight.
1:15 I hear "mommmmmma! mommmmma! and more banging. Ignore it for a few minutes and look in the room. Hmm. No Ainsley. I look in my room and the bathroom. Still no Ainsley. I hear her calling me. She shut herself in the closet. ARRRRGGGHHH! Back in bed she goes. This child is not napping.

I eventually gave up on naptime when I realized I'd have to wake her up in 45 minutes to pick Addison up at preschool. I decided to try again after preschool. She proceeds to have the biggest meltdown imaginable because...big surprise....SHE'S TIRED!

After school she got up a few times but the Supernanny methode of sticking her back in bed without saying a word finally did the trick and she's sleeping. I know this will get easier...


The last few days have been busy, but good! Rachel came in to town and sadly we did not get a single picture together. We had a great lunch with Andrea and Kelly on Saturday, and then she came over on Tuesday while Brandon interviewed for some jobs and spent the whole morning and afternoon together. It was wonderful. We talked, drank coffee (with creamer of course),  I got to have lots of cuddle time with little Nolan, and we even played a few rounds of Go Fish and Princess Yahtzee (to Addison's great delight). Rach I am not sure what these next few months have in store for you, but it sure is great having you back in town!

I'm at about 23 weeks and feeling pretty good: just BIG. My belly and other anatomical parts are growing at a rapid pace that I find slightly disturbing. My doctor reassured me that I am measuring where I should be, but I feel like a boat. A yacht, actually. Things are different with #3. How the heck did Michelle Duggar do this 20 times?! I always feel a little out of breath and am just plain pooped all the time.

I think we have pretty much settled on the name Ian for this little guy, picked by his 4 year old sister. We were in the car on the way to church discussing names and she piped up from her carseat "How about Ian?" We aren't sure on a middle name yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Now I am going to enjoy this brief moment of peace and quiet while it lasts....


Alisha said...

Good to know on the bed... we've been contemplating moving Ems out of hers. Think I'll wait now. :) Glad your pregnancy is going well! I'm sure you still look tiny! Post some pics! Have a good weekend!

Michele said...

love the little bed. so cute. doug and tiff are doing the super nanny back-in-bed-without-a-word, too. good for you.