Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Plans

As a kid we went trick or treating and dressed up in normal costumes until my mom decided those days were over. Then it was the good 'ol Halloween Alternatives at the church! Yep biblical costumes and all! I was Queen Esther and Eric was Jonah (complete with a gigantic blow up whale). I think in middle school we started trick or treating again with friends and that was the end of that. I never went to another Halloween alternative celebration again and swore I would never do that to my kids. I mean, it's just so....dorky.

The idea of them just kinda bugs me. I mean, if you think it's that evil of a holiday than why are you still participating in the general idea? Is putting on a costume and going to church different than putting on a costume and walking around the neighborhood? In 9th or 10th grade my mom decided to put bible verses on all the candy we handed out and I was MORTIFIED at the time, but now I think that was a pretty stinking good idea!

As for me personally, I know my own boundaries. I can't step foot in a haunted house or watch a horror movie because I really can't handle scary things. I get images in my head that I can't get out and I have a difficult time sleeping without nightmares. At the same time,  I really don't feel convicted about putting Addison in a princess costume and walking around the neighborhood with her.

Our church never did the Halloween alternative thing. Ever (well in the 5 years we've lived here). And we're Baptist!!  All those years I was so proud.... Then I was at a MOPS steering team meeting and someone announced that we were having a trunk or treat. My heart kind of sank a little. I mean, not totally, but a little bit. REALLY? Our church is doing that?! Awww maaaaan!! What's next our own church gym or church yoga studio? Just kidding....

Then I thought about it for a couple of months. Hmmmm...this could be kind of fun. First we're going to have a big carnival with blow ups and rides and food and then the kids will go around and get candy from people we know. How fun is that?! To see so many friends and see their kids' costumes? You know I am a girl who loves to socialize. We'll all be in the same place! A couple in our life group has a vintage car from the 50s in great condition so we decided to use their car and do a soda shop theme. I mean, this is going to be really fun! I am totally on board now.

Ha! You should have seen the look on my mom's face when I told her the news about participating in this thing. Like my next move would be to dress the girls in denim jumpers, french braid their hair, and talk about homeschooling (not that I have anything against homeschooling. If someone else wants to homeschool my kids (for free) they're hired!!).

Yes I have changed. Who'd have thunk? What are you guys doing for Halloween?


Michele said...

i couldn't agree with you more. i know we've talked about how it used to annoy me to no end when people would judge me for taking my kids trick or treating while they headed off to the church 'harvest festival'. well, excuuuuuse me, but if you are dressing your kids up and getting candy from someone on October 31st you're still participating in Halloween. That's just how I see it anyway. I'm sure there are people who are convicted and they should listen to that, I've just never been. i love the sweetness of halloween, the innocence, passing out candy and saying, 'ohhhhh, what a pretty prncess you are!' :)

Marie said...

I should just clarify that I am NOT dissing on homeschooling. I have some amazing friends who are doing a tremendous job of homeschooling their kiddos, but let's face it: homeschooling has come a long ways since I was a kid. There was certainly a "look" back in the day. Those poor kids stuck out like sore thumbs.

Michele said...

sweet marie - anyone who knows you knows how much you love your friends and the diversity amongst them. your blog made me laugh.