Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What IS that?!

So I'm looking at the Hy-vee ad trying to decide what to make for dinner (by the way when I told Devin about e-mealz he said "isn't that what you already do?" Um yes...that's whole point! I hate it!) and Addison says "Mom look at all this mess!!" I looked over to the carpet and there was a big pile of what looked like sand.

"Oh honey that is probably sand from the sandbox that is from one of your cups or something" I told her, and go back to what I'm doing. She was playing with her tea party set, and they take that outside a lot. It was a reasonable assumption.

All of a sudden Ainsley rounds the corner, out of the kitchen with a plastic measuring scoop filled...with something.

It is not sand. It is LITTER from the litterbox!

And a collective "ewwwwww" was heard from living rooms and offices around the country.


Steve, Amanda, Kyle , Owen, and Madilyn said...

Noooo! Inside I know you were just screaming and thinking this isn't happening!

Sigh, kiddos and their imaginations. Gotta love them. :)

Keri said...

She didn't eat it though? As long as she didn't eat it....

Marie said...

No she didn't eat it. We've progressed from digging in it and eating it to digging in it w/ kitchen utensils and dumping it on the floor. Maybe we'll get to the point where she leaves it alone.