Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope this letter finds you doing well, but this letter really isn't about you is it?

Devin is still an engineer at Johnston Burkholder Associates.

Marie still stays home with the kids and works part-time at Baby Gap.

Now onto our little geniuses:

Addison, 3 (but she can tell you that herself in English AND Spanish) is growing like a weed. Devin and I are in awe at her intelligence. While most kids are just drawing scribbles at this age, Addison is able to color completely in the lines. Her attention to detail astounds us: she doesn't just draw a sun, but adds eyes and a smile as well. She spends her days composing music, practicing spatial analysis, and creating scientific hypotheses. She is in the gifted and talented program at both the gym kid's club and our church preschool. She is also becoming a talented gymnast. We are planning on hiring a personal coach to get her ready for the 2020 Olympic Games. We are proud to say that she is smarter than all of our friends' children and we let her know this on a daily basis. Because Addison is so intelligent, we hope to enroll her in 1st grade next fall, skipping preschool and kindergarten.

While Ainsley (10 months) isn't quite as smart as Addison, she is still a delightful little baby. She barely makes a peep, only to request her daily serving of kale with flaxseed (in sign language of course). Ainsley is also in the gifted and talented program in the church nursery, and we our keeping our fingers crossed that she'll make the honor roll at our gym's kids club. She is already able to say ma ma, da da, and guh guh, so we have placed her on the waiting list at the local montessori preschool. Because her diet is so balanced, Ainsley has never spit up or had a leaky diaper. Her b.m.'s are always round and perfectly formed. Like Addison, Ainsley is outperforming her peers in all areas. We are truly proud parents.

Our strict schedules with the girls doesn't allow for much time socially, especially now that we are trying to get a head start on college applications, but let us know if you are in the area. We'd love to squeeze in some time for you (maybe).

Happy Holidays!


Devin, Marie, Addison and Ainsley



Keri said...

Hahahahahaha.I love you Marie.

Leah said...

LOVE it!

Andrew & Terri said...


Rach said...

LOVE IT!!!! You're pretty hilarious Marie! :)

Kira said...


Unknown said...

These two little ones must have gifted parents! :)

I love your comments regarding signing with young children. Every parent should sign with their baby! Remember to sign the word as you say it and to use keys American Sign Language signs to narrate your child’s world! Keep on sharing!

Sara Bingham, author of The Baby Signing Book

julia said...

i laughed out loud so many times and i was at school, so my kids were like, "What are you doing miss?" and I said, "my good friend is just so funny!":) I love it and I love you!:) Merry Christmas friend!

Michele said...

pssssst. marie.....i think sara thought your letter was serious. now THAT'S funny!

Michele said...
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roz said...

Of course your kids are geniuses and have talents galore! I know all of ours were/are!
Enjoy those babies! AND that wonderful Father and husband!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

ok, that is HANDS DOWN the BEST Christmas letter I have ever read, and I'm stealing it next year! I'll just change a few names... or not... :) You are hilarious. (Did you send that out? I hope you sent that one out!!)

btw - Ainsley is so gifted, we have promoted her to classroom teacher. She really is fantastic!