Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family Update

If you need a good laugh read the other post I put up today. Here are some pics of the Riley fam:

Here is Devin from his first triathlon last month in Lee's Summit. He's a stud in yellow.

Here is Roxy with our adorable new cat Huck. After lots of hissing and cat growling, Roxy has finally accepted Huck as her new BFF. Huck is sort of weird in that he begs for people food. It doesn't matter if we're eating cereal or green beans, he's there begging and eating up the crumbs.

When Devin was working late last week I took too long at the grocery store and both Ainsley and Addison were starving. I let Addison feed Ainsley a bottle while I got dinner going.

It only lasted a few minutes until I had to resort to this (Ainsley in swing with bottle propped up with Boppy). Just send that mom of the year award to my home address!

This is Addison with one of her bff's 'Vannah (Savannah) and Savannah's brother Luke.

This is Ainsley's first time in the race car cart at Lowe's.

This is from our yummy anniversary dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Ainsley just started crawling and is now pulling up to get stuff. I suffered through her colicky stage because I knew there would be a time when she'd happily sit on a blanket and play with a toy. That beautiful stage only lasted a couple of weeks. She is crawling all over the house and getting into everything. This is the face she makes when we try to tell her no. It's really hard not to laugh!

Poor Roxy. Her social status in our household keeps getting lower and lower.

Here's big sis. She's so grown up now.


TheBorman5 Plus1 said...

Each picture is great! Addison is becoming such a big girl, and Ainsley is adorable, with the "I know you just can't stand to look at me and not laugh" face!!

roz said...

Love all the photos! The girls are always so adorable!
Loved the triathlon photo of Dev!
Thanks for getting back on the blog!

Keri said...

These pictures make me miss you guys! The girls are sooooo cute!!!

Michele said...

it's so weird. looking at devin's picture is like looking in the mirror. so tall, lean and 'cut'. geez, we could be twins!