Monday, January 12, 2009

Ok they were right

Lots of people have told me that kids will use the potty when they're ready, and not to bother trying unless they are. When she turned two, I spent many frustrating moments with Addison ignoring this advice. Then I decided I just didn't care anymore. Changing diapers wasn't even that big of a deal to me. It was such a battle I figured I'd just quit until she turned 3. The other day she just decided she was ready and she's been doing great. Getting candy (gummi Lifesavers and Bliss Chocolates...thank you CVS) and putting a sticker on a chart (I still don't know why. So far she's happy just to put a sticker on the chart. Works for me!) have hooked her. Feel free to judge me for giving out candy, but it's working (it does seem like a lot by the end of the day though. Maybe I'll switch to gum).

Here she is in all her chocolate face-Dora panties glory:

Anyway, Amanda I feel you. I'm completely exhausted too. I can barely make it through the day and I only have one kid (and one part-time kid) to take care of, not three! Two more weeks...... hopefully less. If I have to hear one more stranger say "Yeah you look like you're ready to go" I am going to flip. Does anyone else think that is a very rude thing to say to someone? The only comment I ever make to a stranger regarding pregnancy is after they're pushing a teeny infant around, and I tell them "You look amazing for having such a young baby!" Nobody ever gets tired of hearing that one. :)

Anyway, here's a shoutout to Grandpa Jerry, my newest reader (I think). I love you Grandpa and Alta!