Saturday, January 24, 2009

I need this in an adult size

(I am).

Yesterday I spent some time with my friend Kelly and her daughter Elise. We went to Panera and to the play place at the mall. I've known Kelly since K-State years and she's always really fun to hang out with because she doesn't pretend that parenting is really easy all the time (in fact, she does it all on her own). The girls had a great time playing with each other and Kelly and I had a great time not being the sole entertainer for our kids for a couple of hours. :)

The happiness ended when Addison proceeded to throw a huge tantrum as we were leaving the mall. She laid face down on the floor next to the cookie place. I did the "ignore her and keep walking in hopes that she'll follow me" routine (which never works). I guess I walked too far because two security guards walked over to her and then gave me the "what kind of mom are you?" look typically comes from people without kids or old people.

Right now Addison is wearing Dora panties and Devin is feeding her lots of Crystal Light (go ahead, judge me, but she doesn't like juice!) in hopes that Addison will go on the potty. I'm not terribly optimistic, but miracles do happen. Wish us luck.


Erica said...

I feel for you Marie. I had a little melty boy yesterday when it was time to check out our books at the library. Don't you just love tantrums in public. We're just getting started with them and I've had my share of looks already

Amanda said...

Messy friend, ha! I remember when we were in high school we used to walk to my house after school and watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (don't deny it!) and make cheese quesadellias. I'd get out my knife and fork and you'd just eat it with your hands. :) Good times!

Marie said...

Is that what we watched? I wish that show was still on. Sully was a major hottie.