Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mom of the Year

I volunteer at the church every Thursday. My job is to send out postcards and call all the parents of preschoolers who visit our church. I love it! It's so fun to meet with all these new people and get them plugged in.

Anyway, now that Addison has started preschool we have to bring a lunch to church and eat there because she has to go right to school when we're done at church. On this particular day I had little Lucy with me (one year old girl I nanny for twice a week). I manage to get all the kids outside to the playground at church, settled and eating lunch. Ainsley as usual wanders over to the playground to play, Addison's munching, and I'm spoonfeeding Lucy. All of a sudden I hear the words few parents enjoy hearing when they're in the middle of something:

"I have to go to the bathroom"


We are outside, on the opposite end of the church where the restrooms are. Our food is all laid out, the kids are all settled. There's no way I'm getting three kids inside in time. Not happening.

There was lots of nice grass around the playground. Hmmm....
No one is around right now.....the parking lot is dead....... Hmmmmmm

Plan B!

Addison and I walked over to the side of the playground, I maneuvered her in squatting position, and she went.

In the middle of the "going" I hear a car beep. Uh oh. I look up and there is Judy, the director of our Childrens' Ministry opening up her car door. Right next to us.

I was mortified. I started stammering something about having three kids with me...too hard...bla bla bla, but inside I was DYING. I mean, who lets their daughter pee in the grass right in front of church?!

She just chuckled and said "Ohh I'm just smiling." I take it she's been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. One can only hope.

P.S. Addison loves preschool
P.S.S. I love the delightful 2 1/2 hours I have to myself while Addison is in preschool.


Steve, Amanda, Kyle , Owen, and Madilyn said... happens. The last time I took Kyle to the park on post he dropped his pants and started pottying right in the middle of the playground. By the time I saw him, he waw pulling back up his pants and running away to play. I could have died! KIDS.

Michele said...

i'm dying for you. i used to let the kids pee whenever and wherever they needed to, but i don't recall ever watering the church grounds. that one may have made me pause. i'm glad the church lady was nice and understanding. it's quite remarkable that addison did it without a toilet. good for her. she'll be great on roadtrips when she is an adult. i have no problem peeing by the side of the road. how's that for TMI?

Keri said...


Brown Apples said...

ohhh marie- If you only knew the amount of people who have seen my children urinating. The best was when I was unloading grocheries at wal-mart. I noticed a stream of something coming down the pavment towards my flip flops. I look across the car to see Dakota standing in the door frame peeing off the side of the car. And yes- he was facing store-side. Ahhh. pride. This post gave me a HUGE smile!

Carmen said...

Love it, Marie! Any mom of little ones can surely understand (if not share her own similar story). I likely would have done the same thing. So funny!