Monday, November 23, 2009

It's all so clear now!

Today at mops this lady came and talked about the personalities. I will admit that my first thought was "Again? I already know all about that stuff." She presented it in a completely new and cool way. I learned a lot. I learned more about me and why I have so many issues, I learned about Devin and his issues, I learned about Addison and her issues, and I learned about Ainsley (maybe) and her future issues?! Just kidding. Have you ever heard the phrases Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic? Google some of those words and try to figure out what yours is. I'm sanguine. Is this surprising? No. It's not surprising at all. I just wish I had known this stuff earlier on. Sanguines LOVE to have FUN! We are open books, will tell you anything, tell on ourselves, stretch the truth, will choose fun over responsibility, and desire approval from others above anything else. We're constantly running late, love to shop, and love to give, give, give. Sanguines struggle with organization more than any other type.

Why did I major in Elementary Education? Could somebody please TELL ME??!!!! Now it makes sense why during my student teaching I just wanted to get in there and teach those kids and why I would get horrible stomach aches just thinking about planning lessons. Why I would get migraines because I was so worried I'd fail. It explains why subbing was ten times easier for me. I could show up, have a great time with the kids, carry out someone else's plans and then go home.

It explains why, if I do something stupid, I put it up on facebook and then don't understand why everyone else doesn't do the same thing. It explains why (if I don't learn to control myself) I might be that 80 year old woman who is telling her great grandchildren or the lady on the bus all about her constipation. Hee hee hee.

It explains why I'm typing this blog instead of making a dent in the laundry. The speaker did say that we shouldn't use our type as an excuse for bad behavior....

Anyway now that I know so much more about who I am I feel so free to be me: someone who loves relationships and having a great time, being silly, bringing joy. God made me that way. I just need to work on some of that other stuff. Like laundry and housework (even if it is just not very fun).

I think Addison is melancholy. I'm already seeing some perfectionist tendencies and she's VERY sensitive. She's also really into drawing and art and music. Oh and God forbid you change her daily routine. I can't wait to see how this develops in her.

Devin is phlegmatic. He is Mr. even keeled. Doesn't get too excited about something, but doesn't get too upset about something either. Phlegmatics tend to be procrastinators and a bit on the lazy side unless they are super excited about something. I'm laughing as I type this because it is just so dead on. It explains why I'm jumping around the living room saying "Devviiiin let's do something FUN! Come on! Let's play a game!" and he just looks at me with tired eyes and wants to watch Monk or go to bed or read his book. Phlegmatics desire peace. They like to sit and watch.

As for Ainsley I think she's turning out to be more like me, a little entertainer. It's probably too soon to tell, but it sure is fun seeing her personality erupt lately. 9 months is a FUN age!

What are you? What are your strengths? Weaknesses?


Angela H. said...


Devin and Nathan sound so much alike!!! I am not sure what personality type I am, but I can definitely relate to the "let's do something fun" scenario. I really do love being married to Mr. Phlem though. He is always SO calm - balm to my passionate (and therefore frequently troubled) soul.

Edi said...

This personality schematic is what our old church in Des Moines uses for all their staff and since Trav's mom was/is the HR director there we are pretty familar with our personalities. I'm sanguine/choleric (about 40/60) and Trav is Phlegmatic/Melancholy (about 70/30)... Anyway if you like this personality type description you should look into the book "Personality Plus for Parents" by Florence Littauer It'll be more applicable for the girls once their around 4 or 5 and their personalities are more developed plus you'll probably learn more about yourself and Devin while reading it too.

Megs said...

i love you marie! i love your heart and the way you share. it's so refreshing and encouraging!

Amanda said...

I remember taking a quiz on facebook that had to do with these personalities. (Aren't FB quizzes the REAL way we know who we are???) and it said I was a phlegmatic. I think that's pretty accurate. What do you think?

Devin said...

What are you talking about? I don't have any issues.

Michele said...

The first time I did this test I was sanguine/melancholy (50/50). I remember telling my mom I though something was wrong with me since those are opposites! It still pretty much sums me up. I don't think I have much of the choleric or phlegmatic. sanguine gene lives on in ainsley! yeah!!!

Lisa said...

Hey Marie! Just rediscovered your blog. I made my own if you want another one to read! ;)

Anyway, this year at work (I teach 1st grade--go figure! remember how much I hated teaching! love it now!), we had a workshop on this. Did you do it with the animals? Where the personality types are lion, beaver, otter, golden retriever? Anyway, that's how we did it and it was awesome. There's a children's book Addison might enjoy called The Treasure Tree that helps kids kind of understand their own personality (maybe when she's a tad older) and understand how mom and dad might be different! I haven't read it but heard it's great.

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